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    if only Afrakan American brothers and sisters can come together and organize this is something we can do but better then the white if he was organised white people don't just talk they put it in action this is something we need to learn as Afrakan People.
    Most things that white people get involved with always brings about destruction.
    Afrakan People in America we need to learn in-order to be sovereign we must control our own land economics schools anything that is about having your own. if we cannot pull this off then least we can take the time the setup FACILITIES orPROGRAMS online offline to teach Young Warriors about this the question is when will we START doing more then talking?

    What we are looking at on this video is not what is about being sovereign killing people is wrong! Like I said before when WHITE PEOPLE get involved in anything like this it ends up being Destruction THIS is not what we are talking about don't get it twisted.