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Western Civilization has us Screwed up


  • Western Civilization has us Screwed up

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    Family today is the day we honor the Sisters.

    The Black Woman - The Mother of civilization.

    Oftentimes our woman especially don't get he credit they deserve. Not only for giving birth to a Nation, but for all the amazing contributions throughout our history.

    For holding our families together, Sacrificing, and at times even being on the front lines fighting the enemy when their wasn't strong men present.

    Being that we live in a Western culture, where the woman is naturally looked at as being "lesser" than her man, we cannot fall victim to this way of thinking.

    You probably know as well as I do, that in Africa we had no fear of allowing our women to lead and take the throne.

    And that was proven time and time again throughout the great dynastic periods spoken of

    So many of us either don't know or forget this important part of our-story and our young woman especially have no idea that they come from a powerful, powerful line of female leaders.

    Self esteem is a major issue with young sisters, and w need to give them the documents and wisdom we have.

    They only know what they see and what they've been taught.

    We can't depend on the schools to tell them who Yaa Asantewaa, Queen Nzinga, and/or Queen Tiye was.

    It just won't happen.

    Religious organizations for the most part are no different, woman are normally looked at as playing 2nd fiddle to the man and very rarely if ever has any top positions of authority in these so called houses of worship.

    This is Not our way, but the way we have adopted from those that brought us here against our will.

    It has been said, that when you know better, you gotta show better.

    Meaning each 1 - Teach 1 (at least)

    But those that don't know and have accepted these crippling beliefs, they cannot be blamed for what they know not.
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