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A.F.E.F.F/Admin Notes 9.19.2011

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  • A.F.E.F.F/Admin Notes 9.19.2011

    Bro Alonewolf opens with the Ancestors Invocation.

    Bro. Alonewolf—Finished black hat and sent Tariq the information. The hat was ordered on Saturday. Wolf received the confirmation email. There is a code to get a discount on items we wish to purchase with the site’s logo. See Bro. Wolf, Tariq or Saartje for code information.

    Black Hat Design

    The word is offset. The ankh is in the middle, main focus.
    Bro. Wolf did a virtual business card- has new qr code that can be placed on business cards, sites, etc. Can get it printed on a t-shirt or button.


    Have to keep moving on the production of items promoting the site. Starting with the small things to help other things move forward with marketing..
    Donation amount will be set for every month- $150 for this month. We’ve only collected $100 so far, but came a long way from starting at $0.

    The only thing we pay for is service for video chat: $35

    Someone needs to record what we send in for donations.



    Shared ideas on gathering

    Presented information on several parks including Spanish Lake Park, Bohrer Park, and Veterans Memorial Park and Community Center as possible venues to host the gathering.

    Think of a date in June to have our own Juneteenth celebration

    Possibly ask for a small donation as a deposit to ensure members will actually attend.

    Bro. Alonewolf

    Sister has a big yard behind her house… Sister would let us use the space to host a gathering. Bro. Alonewolf’s mother also has a nice size backyard.

    Can put together some play items for the kids…

    Can charter a bus to go site seeing

    Bro. Tariq

    Can check into the park in University City, MO


    Bro. Alonewolf

    Sent an html code for advertising hats via email. Bro. Alonewolf wanted to know why the ad has not been put up for that… can get income from that as well.



    Wanted to get newsletter published for October

    Asking for help from site members to contribute to articles for the newsletter.


    Send Tariq an announcement to be added to the bulletin on the site. Make sure to add information on:

    FEFF and what it stands for

    Food Program Bro. Wolf is doing

    Bro. Alonewolf closed out the meeting with the Prayer of Empowerment.

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