Real quick my Nubian Brothers and Sisters!

You hear them holla "Black Power", "Uhuru", "Freedom Now", the list goes on.

The same black people that appear to be Blacker than the blackest black person still run to Massa for treatment when their stupid habits get them to feeling sickly.
  • I got a pain ova here Doc, what's goin on?
  • My sugar is up Doc, why?
  • Doc, you have something for my ulcer?
Sometimes a rub on the back is Not the best way to get a point across. A little tough never hurt nobody.

You know our people are sick. It's a deep rooted mental sickness.

Your subconscious mind says white is right. Being aware of this is the first step in getting rid of european concepts and ideas.

I say Question Everything!!

You have forgotten so much of yourself, and it's not all your fault. When you know better, you should show better. Just baffles me when we know better, then trust the 1's that are trying to harm us.

Think harder about your diet and what you put into your mouth. What you put in your mouth is a direct reflection of how you think. Be mindful. You're only here for a minute. Why not live a healthy life?

I know you food. Why not learn to foods that are better for you so you can be here to injoy hem for a longer period of time?

Living a life of physical pain, full of sickness and dis-ease is no way to live in my opinion.

If this seems harsh, well I do it out of . I see so many people everyday following a way of life that was given to them by vultures that just want to control and benefit off of their ignorance.

Diabetes, Cancers, food addictions, sugar addicts, obesity etc, etc..

There's a man that is showing you the way and most of his information is affordable to you and anyone else

Dr Llaila Afrika

It's simple.. Dr Afrika is the man if you want to understand your body and take Your health back.

I'm thankful to him beyond words for changing my life around. To be honest he can do the same for You or anyone else you know. The key to this is listening to what he has to say, then taking massive action to change.

Dr Afrika will tell you like it is without the fluff. The best part about it, is his teaching is geared toward people that look like you and me.