A Different Kind of Prayer - 1 to Remember!

At the start our Brother Boukman charged the assembly with the
wisdom of the Black rebels from times past.

"Death to the whites,"
"Destroy the colonial settlements" and "Black Dominion."

The following was spoken in Black Creole:

Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above, who
rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble; Listen! God though
hidden in a cloud watches over us.

The god of the whiteman calls forth crime but our God wills good
works. Our God who is so good commands us to vengeance.

He will direct our arms and throw away the likeness of the white
man's god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to
liberty which speaks in all our hearts.

** SO now you know why the name Boukman Dutty
was never mentioned in your history classes during your school days. **

If you did hear his name in school, you probably heard he was a
wicked Voudon Priest who led a bunch of crazed blacks to burn rape
and murder whites, You know how they do.

Boukman Dutty was actually a well respected and d leader who began what
is now Known as The Haitian Revolution.