How Christianity Came To The Forefront

How Christianity Came To The Forefront

I am not telling any of you to leave a church, or to leave a mosque, or to leave a religion.

I am telling you is that everything that touches your life..
  • Every Social thing
  • Every Political thing
  • Every Cultural thing
All must be converted into an instrument of liberation or be thrown into the ashcan of history!

Spirituality and not religion is the enduring thing for man, a spiritual belief...
Organized religion gives you a ceremony, creates a rationale for what it does to other people.

Spirituality did not succeed because, with spirituality you can't assume.
There's No pew, No priest pide pipin, no Cadillac.

What you gonna take up collection for?

With spirituality, every person is his own preacher, certain people are guides.

After a while, certain people learn more than others, and this person come to the spiritual forefront, if he wants his sandals, we make his sandals. If he wants to travel, we give him transport - take him from one place to the other.

So what he gon' take our money for? Want books, we get him books.
This is why, spirituality fell behind, and organized Christianity came to the front.

It came to the front because it was, an interesting hustle, disguised as a spiritual way of life.