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ABIBIFAHODIE! Nubian family and to our newest members. Our mobile chat is back up and running if you would like to Communicate one on one you can.

The green image at the bottom right of the site for the mobile devices is what you looking for just tap the image.

Thanks to everyone support and patience.

Everyone have a peaceful and productive day!
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“Willie Lynch,”

This is a sticky topic.
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  • “Willie Lynch,”

    After 400 years, must die within the African American culture for us to life as equals in this society. We cannot succeed in this society as a race of “individuals,” “doing our own thing.” The last 50 years have proven this. We must shake all Negro grudges (old versus young, light versus dark, men versus women, rich versus poor, Christian and Muslim) and come to each other. Find a way to build unity. Division is our biggest weakness and the biggest
    reason for Blacks lack of progress. The Negro took generational division to a whole ‘nother
    level. We have to find a way to come together, or we will always be played against each other.

    Make no more excuses about why we can’t lift ourselves up. The “excuse”
    has become the Negro moniker. He (or she) can always find a reason black people can’t do something, which is really a reason as to why they’re not doing to improve the situation. Stop it.

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    I agree 100% with your statement and wish with all my heart that this can come to past one day. As we have seen here in St. Louis alone that unity even when we are faced with a grave threat is still wanting. Shootings (Black on Black) are still going on. Stupidity and buffoonery are at an all time high. It appears to me that the only thing that may wake our people up is the threat of extinction. The most popular shows on TV are the clowns who show their butts, the most popular music is all about self and the degradation of our women who, by the way, seem to being objectified as disposal sex toys. Why did so many sacrifice their lives just to have us (as a whole) spit in their face? A little off topic but needed to be asked. One day unity may happen and I pray to the Creator that it does but, we will not see it in our life time.