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Break the mental chains of slavery and free your mind!

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  • Break the mental chains of slavery and free your mind!

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    Many Black people today unknowingly exist within an invisible psychological prison designed to protect white dominance.

    Black people are being psychologically conditioned --through a bombardment of fraudulent white praising and Black demoralizing misinformation--to hate themselves and to accept (and even prefer) white dominance over our lives. It is a covert system that is presently being used against Black populations as a means of maintaining white dominance and control. We Black people must therefore resist these psychosocial programs by rethinking everything. Question and doubt EVERYTHING we've been taught.
    If we truly wish to be free we must think outside the paradigm of black demoralizing misinformation given to us by the white controllers of all misinformation. Because everything that they've told to us are lies used to perpetuate the myth of their white superiority.
    Their white educational system intentionally mis-educates Black people to whiteness by giving us a revamped false history that hides the true brutality of how whites have treated we Blacks throughout history. A revamping of all facts that not only makes whites appear less brutally in humane throughout history, but that has inaccurately made them to appear as saviors of the world and light holders of humanity. This educational curricular also teaches Black people to admire as heroes deeply flawed white men that actually despise us as being less than human. Some of these white heroes were even slave owners themselves. We Black people are also conditioned to whiteness by a religion that teaches us to admire a white god in the sky whom can only be reached through his European son name Jesus that was born in the middle east over 2000 years ago. (How absurdly inaccurate)They told us that if we accepted this white messiah into our hearts and soul than we will be accepted into a white heaven; where everyone wears white robs; lives in white mansion; and are surrounded by white angels. The accepting of this ridiculous belief actually infuses the myth of white superiority upon our psyches. Then there is the totally white controlled media that bombards the minds of black people daily with fraudulent, demoralizing, Black self-hating (anti-black\pro white) misinformation that are designed to again infuse the myth of white superiority and Black inferiority upon our minds.

    There is covert war going on. It is a war that unrelentingly attacks the black mind as a means of maintaining white dominance and control. Truth always surfaces. It cannot be hidden or Africans could not know what we know. But to set us free from this terror it must be acted upon. We must become the force of correction or our enslavement becomes more sophisticated and indefinite. Enslavers learn from and correct those mistakes that in the past threatened their reality with revolution from below.

    This article, from the book the Black Matrix By Franklin Jones, is being presented to explain this enigmatic wrong so it can correctly be dealt with, finally, forever. In the context of the wisdom of those who have earned the right to be called elders and ancestors, we must walk their path if we are to eliminate this chaos from humanity. In this quest, we can no longer allow Europeans to spread their destructive psychological warfare systems. Of this, there can be no doubt".

    To learn more about these psychological warfare programs designed to control black people visit and or

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    This is truth bro. I have been reading Na'im Akbar's Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery (yes finally got it lol) and in the very beginning he said something so deep.

    "The worst form of slavery... the slavery that captures the mind and imprisons the motivation, perception, aspiration and identity in a web of anti-self images, generations a personal and collective self-destruction... The slavery that feeds on the mind, invading the soul of man, destroying his loyalties to himself and establishing allegiance to forces which destroy him..."

    What are your thoughts on this excerpt fam?


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      This is definitely a good post surely this is something that we all need to focus on our mental condition thanks for the Post family.


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        Originally posted by Tariq
        Don't forget to get his other book community of self we can definitely teach from these books appreciate your post.

        I am getting that one next, I also got Dr Joy DeGruy's Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome