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ABIBIFAHODIE! Nubian family and to our newest members. Our mobile chat is back up and running if you would like to Communicate one on one you can.

The green image at the bottom right of the site for the mobile devices is what you looking for just tap the image.

Thanks to everyone support and patience.

Everyone have a peaceful and productive day!
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Self Defense

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  • Self Defense

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    This is for my brothers STAND DAFUQ UP! These are our goddamn children they are preying upon. Are we to do nothing? Are we to believe that our people shall receive any kind of redemption according to the white men's law?

    Do you not realize that since the census was taken and they predict themselves to be in the minority. That they have went full blown cave men on our kind?

    Someone made mention when and where? The revolution first starts within your mind and extrudes itself through your actions. You arm your family your friends with truth, knowledge, and of all weaponry. You prepare and plan for any and all worst case scenario. Keep your eyes and ears wide open and when it is time to move you will know.

    History has shown that the beast will use any weapon formed against you. So you must be as sly as fox and come with the force of ten tigers. This is not a drill I plead with you, this is not a drill. WAKE UP!!!~M~