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ABIBIFAHODIE! Nubian family and to our newest members. Our mobile chat is back up and running if you would like to Communicate one on one you can.

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Thanks to everyone support and patience.

Everyone have a peaceful and productive day!
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  • VIRTUES OF CONSCIOUSNESS Africa's Endless Quest

    Conscience is the moral aspect to one's conduct together with destiny to seek truth over lies—right over wrong, fact over fiction, justice over inequity, and morality over immorality. However, there is no conscience outside of consciousness. And consciousness is so much greater than just having information. It is also an exercise in wisdom.

    If it does not impose itself on the basic relationships critical for governing our lives and making us productive. (information without application) If it is impatient with process and respect, manners, truth and justice (when truth and justice infringe on self-interest). It is not conscious if it is not reflexive, balanced, tolerant or progressive. It is not consciousness when its only response to disagreement is vitriol and binarism. It is the patina of consciousness. It is worn in fair weather and has no hard weather characteristics in the storms of our world. It becomes a fad, a clique for isolated ideologies to gather for group therapy. There is no consciousness outside of a critical thinking. Consciousness serves to isolate and quarantine the world from callous ignorance and blinding stupidity mixed in with hubris and bigoted anti-intellectualism.

    Consciousness is only content with truth, it does not sit well with myth-history,
    , open lies, poor scholarship, bad logic—regardless of who the beneficiary of error maybe. Consciousness has a permanent disagreement with error—period! It does not engage double standards, hypocrisy and self-serving one-way moral window. Conscious ask the question, am I a better human, or am I only the mirror of my oppression? Am I enlightened or just ignorance in shabby rags? Because this is all some disenfranchised people have become oppressed and as wicked as the people who oppress them.Click image for larger version

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ID:	8575Unconsciousness vs. consciouness, which one would you drink if you had a choice? Most do not have a choice, so the muddy water looks clean relative to nothing

    A simple person looks at a problem and tells you only what is within the vicinity of their immediate senses and base emotions. A person of deep consciousness reads between the lines, sees the subtext, understands deeper motives, appreciates nuance, predicts five steps ahead, and offers a sagacious assessment beyond the boundaries of their senses—this is consciousness.All human values are rooted somewhere(Ghazali), we cannot prove "right" and "wrong" by mere logic, because all values at some stage must be anchored in some fundamental elementary truths held by a conscious community. Consciousness has structure, it has ethics attached. What that means is at the foundation of everything is a moral compass, which governs behaviors and attitudes. It does not float around, and therefore holds people to some tangible values.