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How Black People Have Been Miseducated to Serve The Agenda's of The Ruling White Elites

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  • How Black People Have Been Miseducated to Serve The Agenda's of The Ruling White Elites

    When your entire history has been taught to you by your former enslavers, colonizers, and oppressors everything that you've been taught are lies that have been rewritten to favor them-and to control you.

    Imagine that a invader broke into a home to rob it of all its natural resources and wealth. Then while leaving the home in ruins, the invader kidnapped the children from the home to work as his slaves. This invader, fearing an eventual retribution from these enslaved children, would logically find it necessary to implement systems to ensure that these children would remain loyal to him.

    Because while the invader, through his military strength can rob and the destroy the children's home, he cannot win their loyalty, or sustain peace with them for long unless systems are put in place to keep the enslaved children loyal, or to suppress dissent among them. To protect himself from retribution, from these enslaved children, the invader would have to give them an education that causes them to admire and revere him.

    This would require that the invader retell the details surrounding the events of the invasion of the ancestral home of the enslaved children. The invader would have to revamp the facts of his crimes by telling the enslaved children that he merely rescued them from a dilapidated home where they were unwanted by their parents. The enslaved children may also be told that their parents merely sold them away.

    The invader may also find it necessary to make the enslaved children embarrassed to be associated with their past home. To do this the invader would routinely show to enslaved children demoralizing pictures of their ruined former home. This would cause the children to perceive their invader as a rescuer rather than their enslaver. This would cause the enslaved children to develop an undeserving sense of loyalty and appreciation towards their invader. Therefore creating a sort of manufactured Stockholm Syndrome.

    "The beginnings of this miseducation go back to the beginnings of the exploration of the African coast by Europeans who had been hemmed in by Arabic power for six hundred years. In 1481, when the Portuguese arrived at the Congo-Ngola area, they initiated the process of miseducation of blacks as an instrument of exploitation. The Portuguese invaders persuaded the royal and noble families of the area to send their sons to Portugal for a European education. When these sons returned with Christian names, they began directing African society in the interest of the Portuguese. The physical slavery which the Portuguese started was facilitated by the mental slavery of the African leaders who had been educated by the Europeans. This model has endured for five hundred years as the most successful method by which Europeans defeat, control, exploit, and annihilate Africans." Jacob H. Carruthers shocked! — to learn this week that white guy Joseph Fiennes has been cast as African American icon Michael Jackson in a TV movie. But anyone who’s surprised at this news hasn’t been paying attention. Despite decades of protests over racially inappropriate casting and the recent protests over the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, filmmakers continue to cast white actors as minority characters on a depressingly regular basis.

    Hollywood has yet to wrap its mind around the fact that the ancient Middle East was not populated entirely by dashing white men with well-trimmed beards. It’s pretty well documented that the area was home to people with darker skin than, say, Richard Gere, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, who’ve each taken a turn at playing a biblical hero (David, Noah and Moses, respectively). But here we are again, with “Gods of Egypt” set for release next month, and a slate of white actors is starring in a film about a place whose ancient inhabitants had brown skin and black hair. That’s not to say Hollywood hasn’t learned anything over the years — as early as 1965, the New York Times was horrified when a British version of “Othello” featured Laurence Olivier in blackface, and everyone now agrees that Mickey Rooney’s prosthetic buckteeth were the worst thing about “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

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