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Pan Afrikan National Boycott 7113

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    Originally posted by Ebe Baraka Okebulani View Post
    Pan Afrikan National Boycott

    Taking BACK our Communities bv using our TRILLION DOLLAR spending power!

    July 1, 2013 - July 31, 2013

    P.A.N.B. 7113

    Companies Boycotted:

    All Charitable Organizations BP Gas Stations and subsidiaries Burger King Wendys

    American Airlines Shell Gas Stations Starbucks GAP Stores Phillip Morris H&M

    Kentucky Fried Church Body Shop Walmart Nationwide Insurance

    State Farm Insurance

    Eckerds Drug Stores Hertz Rent-a-Car All Record Companies

    Asian Beauty Supply Kmart Sears

    JC Pennys ALL convenience stores All Chinese restaurants

    ***Do not open any Lines of Credit/Bank Accounts at White-owned Banks***

    Movies Theaters Liquor Stores Lottery Tickets Shopping Malls

    Shopping Plazas

    Automated Car Washes White-owned Bookstores Dennys Restaurants

    LaQuinta Hotels

    Hooters Bar Days Inn Hotels Super 8 Motels

    All Jewelry Stores *(no gold or diamond purchases)

    *Non-Black owned Dry Cleaners Non-Black owned Barbers/Hair Salons

    Non-Black Nail Salon (manicure&pedicure)

    All advertisers to Fox News Local newspapers Magazine subscriptions

    Calling Cards ALL Cellphone companies

    ***Do not purchase Appliances, Homes, or Automobiles****

    We must flex our spending MUSCLES by any means necessary!!!
    We never got an update or a progress report. Can you update us now that the time has passed? I would appreciate it. TX


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      Black/Afrikan woman you are naturally beautiful. Stop using those fake „beauty” enhancements that suppress your naturally beauty IMO.
      Word my Brother you right!!


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        Originally posted by Tariq View Post
        Word my Brother you right!!
        Thanks brother.