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Solutions to build a Black Community!


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“African spirituality” emerging as a new pseudo denomination ultimately an extension of Eurocentric exoticifcation of Africa. We see the loose generalization...

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Sister Speak Freely: Chat for April 14 thru April 28 , 2011

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  • Sister Speak Freely: Chat for April 14 thru April 28 , 2011

    Sister Speak Freely: Chat for April 14 thru April 28 , 2011 :

    This is a brief description of the Sister Chat April 14 , 2011.

    First let me Thank, All the new sisters that participated in sister chat.

    Sister Stacy, Sister Zaji, Sister Sharion

    We really enjoyed the chat. Ladies , You are creative and have a warm inviting spirit.

    Also in attendance was Myself, Sister Linda, Sister Dayah, Sister Vida and Sister Kimball.

    These ladies are persistent and consistent and are an epitome of what Afrakan Sisterhood is !! They are awesome !! I thank them for holding it down.

    First we got to know each other and learned where we're at geographically. We discussed healthy eating habits and sharing recipes. We talked about politics and the economical stress this country is under.

    We decided to look into some options as how to survive hard economical times and perhaps even grow in a business venture. We discuss making our own Afrocentric jewelry, Hair products, Perfume and body oil, etc. Stacy likes the name (Afrakascents) . I just d it !!! We discuss Marketing Afraka,com T-shirts etc. And Even endorsing Obama.

    Each of us have homework to do, before next weeks, Sister chat. We have to research to see what idea is the best and Which is more do-able. More participants are welcome on this project.

    Ladies !!! We are sisters !!! We are here for to shoulder any burden, learn and grow together.

    This thread is for all of our sisters that want to participate in any shape , form or fashion. ( Share an idea, recipe, etc. ) We value your input and It's also a process of getting to know each other.

    We LAUGHED a LOT !!! Enjoyed each other, and I personally had a ball and I am looking forward to next week, "Sisters Speak freely" chat. So whenever you can, Please join us. If you can't...

    Hey, Share your idea here !!!

    I truly ALL of my sisters !!!! Soooooooooooooooooo

    Sisters Speak freely !!!

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    Originally posted by Sahu
    I don't think I want to miss this one, thanks sis, DUA!!!!!!
    I will be sure to look for ya !!!! Like a Patchwork Quilt, The more creative designs And participants, It will ensure that it will be beautiful ( In works ) And successful.

    Real sisters doing real things !!! l

    Welcome home , Sis !!!
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      Sistahs Speak Freely was the best tonight as its ever been!!! Thx to Blkbutterfly41, Kimball Lawhorne, LindaChavis, and Stacy


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        This past Thursday's Sistahs Speak Freely chat was bittersweet at best. Thanks again to all my Sistahs for showing your dedication and interest in our chats. Details of the issue with this week's chat can be read in Sistahs Speak Freely Group posts.


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          June 16th Sistahs Speak Freely

          Thx again, Sistah Queens for makin Sistahs Speak Freely a fun & informative gathering. Please read the post in our group for next week's topics. Shalam