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A Woman's call to Feminine Wisdom

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  • A Woman's call to Feminine Wisdom

    "What makes a woman confident is her to call upon her feminine wisdom."

    So often in our world we tend to think of strength as a quality that arises from a place of firm determination and a will to succeed no matter the cost. Even though we might want to think of a strong woman as being defined in this way, what really makes a woman confident is her capacity for listening to her true self and being able to call upon her feminine wisdom to any situation that may arise. A woman does not need to step into an assertive role or act like a man in order to be effective at what she does—she simply needs to get in touch with her insight and sense of compassion to truly demonstrate the depth of her strength.

    Listening to the feminine side of ourselves may not seem easy at first for this type of energy is something that is often overlooked in many aspects of our everyday lives. If we can connect with this part of who we are, however, we will find that there is an unlimited wellspring of strength available to us. Our capacity to tap into our intuition and listen to our inner guides, to take into account the needs of those around us, and to view a situation with compassion and are ways that we can show the world the true power that is part of our feminine nature. When we learn to integrate this source of strength into our daily tasks and decision-making, we will find that we can be more flexible and open to the things that happen around us and more receptive to new ideas. Not only will we see the world in a different light, but we will truly start to realize the potential for this form of energy to both empower ourselves and those around us.

    As we cultivate our feminine energy we can redefine the meaning of strength. By embracing our feminine power as something that is strong in its own right, we are able to use it with true assurance and determination and draw upon what truly belongs to us.Click image for larger version

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    Very true! What would be the steps to connecting to the feminine powers. What would a women need to do to unleash her powers


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      Great Rising Sis Manzayila,

      Good question! First and foremost if a woman has no innerstanding of what feminine wisdom or power is and how to harness that energy then she will be on a road to self destruction. I would suggest that a sistah get involved into yoga or si e other form of energy arts like meditation as well where she can get into a quiet space and focus mentally on how to use her feminine wisdom and power.

      In addition to energy arts also have other sisters in a circle that she can connect wuth and be taught what feminity Is and how we can use it to help heal and restore the community with her wisdom.
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        Great risings. My name is Goddess Light. I gave myself that name out of my own reflection of who I have become. My story is almost 3yrs ago I was in a relationship that went horribly wrong. Long story short my children and I was almost murdered. I moved thousands of miles away from everyone I d. During my departure fromhome I went through so many phases. My last but not final stage was self reflection. Through this stage I've learned to embrace ME. My spirit yurned for the color blue and led me to meditate. I had an overwhelming feeling of self as if a flow of blue energy hugged my body. I couldn't understand what was happening to me at the time. I began to embrace my natural body and hair. I began to eat right. Part of embracing my feminine energy was to get a deeper overstanding of who I AM. Sis-stars once you get to this place, self reflection, you will began to self. It's an amazing energy that takes over your whole body. Whats even more amazing is you can take that energy everywhere you go. You are beautiful inside and out.
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