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Solutions to build a Black Community!


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Ma'at : Sister to Sister and the vital role sisterhood plays

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  • Ma'at : Sister to Sister and the vital role sisterhood plays

    Sisters : The sisterhood had played a vital role all through our history.

    When we speak about Ma'at, We speak about the balance of nature.

    Lets us discuss and examine................................

    What is that balance as it refers to the sisterhood ??
    Why and how that missing balance effects us currently ??
    And what can we personally do to exercise and lead by example that will benefit sisters collectively.

    I'll share my perspective.

    As I study deeply history, To truly understand the people and their mind set at that time. You have to comprehend there way of life, There religion, there perspectives about marriage , There goals and cultural practice. Even though sometimes it sounds so strange to me. But I've learned that they did nothing without an logical reason, and that the benefits was rarely for one person like the benefits had to be suitable for the FAMILY , Clan , Or People had to ultimately benefit and grow stronger.

    As you understand the social practices, It was understood by design that a man can not truly fulfill a woman. Regardless what we may perfer because of the way we are taught to think. Monogamous is not balanced.

    Note: It couldn't be because in no time in history was there one man to one woman. Women have always out numbered men. More so back then then now. So if monogamy was a natural inclination the numbers would actually be more equal.

    Now, ladies I am not saying by any means that any man should have multiple women/ wives presently. They had a different mind set then. IMHO, Neither gender presently are prepared mentally for that. We have to crawl before we run. lol

    But it does highlight the role women played to each other. The sisterhood was strong and we fed each other, understood each other, taught each other and relied on each other to feed our spirits and to fulfill the soul, per say. I don't care how close you are to a man, A sister will be able to relate on a more deeper level.

    Ladies, If you hear me say, Amen !!!

    So lets discuss what VITAL role the sisterhood played and what can we do to rebuild that sisterhood ??

    What did you learn from your elder sisters early in life that proved to be critical to the woman that you became ??

    I truly my sisters who are truly sisters. The problem is that some of us don't know how to be sisterly . ( Due to Eurocentric teachings ) But lets change that. **smile**

    Have fun

    Love and Peace

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    We should make sure that EVERY Black women know and understand that we are the mothers of creation.

    All civilization emerged from our wombs. Cosmic energy emerged from the earth as well as our wombs. The Dawn of human civilization started in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania , in a totally tropical area, approximately 6 million years ago. This area is known as the Cradle of Civilization. This was fertile ground for human development. Many human-like beings lived along Lake Turkana . This is near where the oldest fossil remains of an African woman, Dagnesh or Dinkinesh , was found.

    Dagnesh means “beautiful woman” in the Amharic language of Ethiopia . All of the human family descended from her lineage. Each human being on earth has the genetic code of at least five African women.

    Special Thanks to Sis. Nubia Wardford - ( From the Nubian Archaeological Project)

    Her work ensures that science proves without a doubt what is indeed fact and rules out just slim possibilities. **smile**

    Amazing , Our men are the only ones IN HISTORY that built temples and pyramids in our honor. They KNEW that we was an intricate part of life !!! No gender is better , we are all different and that difference is what makes the completion.

    I am proud to be Afrakan !!!

    Sisters, know your worth !!! Bring that sisterhood back !!!!


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      Sis Linda I am so glad that you have started this sista chat. I will be out of school very soon and will be able to do more. You go girl. You are my sister, and excuse my absence. I'm there. Peace and blessings


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        I just wanted to drop this in here. Because its seems to fit. **smile** We have to re-build the black family. And in order to do that we must understand the roles of our partners and us. Please share openly and honestly what YOU think.



        You will recognize your brothers by the way they act and move throughout the world.
        There will be a strange force around them,
        There will be unspoken answers in them,
        This will be obvious not only to you.... but to many.

        The confidence they have in themselves and in people will be evident in their quiet saneness.
        The way they relate to women will be clean, complimentary, responsible and with honesty.
        The way they relate to children will be strong and soft, full of positive direction.
        The way they relate to men will be that of questioning our position in this world,
        will be one of planning for movement and change,
        will be one of working for their people,
        will be one of gaining and maintaining trust.

        These men at first will seem strange and unusual, but this will not be the case for long.
        They will train others, and the discipline they display will become a way of life for many.
        They know that this is difficult but this is the life that they have chosen for themselves, for us, for life:

        They will be the examples,
        They will be the answers,
        They will be the first line builders,
        They will be the creators,
        They will be the first to give up the pleasures,
        They will be the first to share a black value system,
        They will be the workers,
        They will be the scholars,
        They will be the providers,
        They will be the historians,
        They will be the doctors, lawyers, farmers, ministers,
        and all that is needed for development and growth.

        You will recognize your brothers and they will not betray you!


        Women's Creed

        Bright eye's filled with the shadows of time.
        If you look hard enough,
        you will see her-history's past and future's hope.
        I am here to hold the world,
        to nurture the children and to heal the land.

        If you look hard enough you will see
        the strength needed and the courage required.
        I have fought the fights others would not.
        I've allowed my spirit to travel
        to places that were not my home.

        If you look hard enough you will hear
        the echoes of my pain and
        the silence of my laughter; for I am destiny.
        With each struggle for freedom, every rainbow,
        and soft, summer breeze I can be felt.
        If you look hard enough you will find my name.
        Each generation has heard my name
        but only those who really know me
        can whisper we are the same.

        I am a warrior, a healer,
        Queen Mother, Sis, Auntie and Friend.
        My heart song has filled this planet
        with a message that is oh so strong.
        You cannot defeat me. You cannot stop me.
        Because I've stood strong and tall.

        If you look hard enough you will finally
        see my image within each child's smile.
        For I am hope, joy and peace,
        but most of all I am Love.


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          In recent years a growing body of literature on the ethics of care has made significant contributions to understanding the multiple dimensions of and relationships with the black woman and her care.

          Many theories are the resources for this interdisciplinary research in which there has been scant attention given to black women's approaches to moral deliberations and understandings of care.

          Although there are differing interests and diversity among black women, this thread seeks to disrupt current frameworks surrounding the ethics of care and discusses a more relevant conceptual framework to bring diverse perspectives to bear in the current wave of interest.

          In short WE, Together can rule out the unhealthy stereotypes. Looking at us, the male and females as a whole. Anything that divides THAT is considered to be unhealthy for the unit.

          By applying Ma'at to the complexities of black womanhood in the broader society, this thread ought to consider cultural antecedents and lived experiences as a starting point for ethical concerns in reclaiming the everyday world as self-defined by black women themselves to open up new insights into our care ( Self and others , as we are the primary care givers of the world in a broader sense ) and its multiple dimensions.

          Lets discuss.....................

          With deep for my sisters !! Peace


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            Sisterhood is Good for the Soul & Our Health!!!

            To all my sisters. I know we are coming together stronger than ever. Let's keep the Force within Alive and Vibrant and let's Shine that same Force with one another as we evolve together!

            Sisterhood is food for the Soul

            I am blessed. I was taught to be a sister and being a sister draws sisters to me. Jowever, At one time, as a young woman, I used to literally hate being around other women. The cattiness about stuff that just don't matter. The jealousy and competition with each other for attention or whateva, was the norm in my world. I like being different and I'm comfortable going against the grain. And didn't prescribe to anybodies ideas or theories more less another womans definition of me. So I was rarely around women.

            But ahhhhhhhhhhhh we live and learn. **smile** I wasn't just doing an dis-service to myself and my personal growth but to others as well.

            Here is an article/reminder about 10 reasons why sisterhood is so important , Let's keep the sisterhood active and growing !

            To truly embrace sisterhood in its fullness, we must first become the sister that we yearn to have in our lives. One of my valued principles on sisterhood is that every sister needs a sister to . This is one of the major principles in my life, which helps to keep me balanced and healthy.

            Because I've always had beautiful, nurturing, and positive sisters in my life, I've always viewed sisterhood as something that everyone has experienced. Of course as I matured and encountered many women throughout my life, I realized that there are women who long for that woman to simply call "SISTER" and embrace that life-changing force called SISTERHOOD.

            The following list is not inclusive but it is meant to help others embrace SISTERHOOD as a life-changing health regimen and to encourage the spreading of SISTERHOOD for those who are experiencing her warm embrace.

            The ideas and suggestions in this column are not intended for use in diagnosing mental or physical ailments. All matters regarding your health should be addressed to your health service provider.

            9 Tips on Sisterhood

            1) Just say "hello" and acknowledge a new sister with warm eye contact and a smile. The eyes are the mirror to the soul. They reflect the person who is inside. To begin walking that path to sisterhood, you've got to make warm eye contact.

            2) Move outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes we have been exposed to doing things certain ways, talking to certain people, and having certain types of acquaintances for so long we don't know how to change. Not only does doing the routine (the norm) limit your exposure to the world around you but it also doesn't exercise your brain enough. Make a conscious effort to enrich your life with a sister that you've never imagined having. Find someone who doesn't look, dress, eat, or act like you and extend a warm hello. Be proactive; Keep extending that warm hello until it grows.

            3) Learn to see beyond the surface and acquire a variety of sister vessels. If you can envision a pitcher of water that has been poured into several vessels. One is a coffee mug, one is a beautiful champagne glass, and one is an old pop bottle. Which one of those vessels contains the water from the pitcher? You're right! THEY ALL DO. So just like those vessels contain the water so do the various sister vessels. Your task is to find the sister vessel that will enrich your life. Just because you're an old pop bottle doesn’t mean that an old pop bottle will be the one to enrich your life. (You get the picture).

            4) Just keep it real - be yourself (who you are) - no airs. So often we walk through the paths of life wearing a mask of who we think people want us to be and not embracing the freedom of simply being ourselves. I like the way that William Shakespear said it, "To thine own self be true". You'll be a healthier and happier sister because of it.

            5) Learn to be a good listener (read positively between the words) and (read the unspoken language -- the body language). Not all body language is bad, although we've seen some negative displays of language communicated through others' bodies. Sometimes those unspoken words and body language can be saying, "I care" or "I'm hurting". Practice listening with your heart (your inner self) and not your physical ears and eyes.

            6) Learn to laugh with someone, not necessarily at them. Laughter is good medicine and food for the body, soul and spirit. Science has shown that endorphins are naturally produced within our brains. They are more than neurotransmitters that serve as a built-in pain control system. Some scientists claim that endorphins enhance our immune system and have anti-aging effects. Endorphins are produced when we share , eat a great meal, take a walk, and for me, singing a song even when we learn something new. One of the easiest ways to release endorphins is to laugh. Laughing with a sister is like experiencing a physical and mental workout.

            7) Have a good cry with a sister. Although women are notorious for shedding tears, there are still many sisters out there who aren't letting them flow. There are times when we want to be alone but there are times when we need the nurturing arms of a sister. Stress is one of the biggest killers. Interestingly enough, it is the way that our bodies react both physically and emotionally to any change in the status quo. Sisters can manage stress by helping others. Sometimes that is the perfect remedy for whatever is troubling you. But one of my ways of managing stress and staying healthy is the freedom to have a good cry with a sister. Tears of sadness, joy or grief can help cleanse the body of substances that accumulate under stress and it also releases those good ole endorphins from the brain.

            8) Spread the 'cause you are . I heard this wonderful quote from my sister; I'm not sure who the author is. It says, "A candle that lights another candle doesn't lose its light but the light shines brighter throughout the world."

            9) Reinforce sisterhood 'cause sisterhood is good. Like a cure to a disease, like the fountain of youth, like a gold mine, and like , sisterhood is good and much needed in our families, communities, and our world.


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              Did You Know?

              Sisterhood is a major stimulus for our 6th sense, EMOTION. This sense is as necessary as the well known "5-Senses" (vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) to maintain a healthy brain, which in turn maintains a healthy YOU.

              Associating with a positive sister can lift your morale. Approximately 1/4 of women has a major bout with depression sometime during their life (They may not even know it as depression because it can manifest itself as insomnia, fatigue.) Sisterhood has been proven and is actually one of the self-help tips that professional mental health service providers recommend for a balanced mental health.

              Low self-esteem may be a factor that inhibits women from embracing sisterhood. Like self-esteem we all have a measure of available to us. However, building self-esteem and building sisterhood is a process. Many women don't work at building sisterhoods because they don't work at building themselves. It is crucial for us to build. Like our Creator placed the trees that we use to build houses with, we must use and positive reinforcement of ourselves to build our self-esteem, which will in turn enable us to build lasting sisterhoods.

              Friendship and Sisterhood are different. Friendship is a condition of being friends or a friendly feeling but sisterhood is a tie or special bond between women.

              Sisterhood is a powerful force that transcends age, culture, religion, background, and our finite comprehension of what it is. To even define it in its fullness is difficult because, like it is always growing.

              Love is the one constant ingredient in sisterhood but how it's shared will vary. Look at it like watering your plants and flowers. They all need water and sunlight but how much water and sunlight that you provide depends on what type of plant it is.

              Questions and Answers

              Why is sisterhood so important?

              Every sister needs a sister to . Because we are such complex individuals, there are some things in our life that can only be imparted by another sister connected to you through that positive and spiritual bond called sisterhood. (Sisterhood can coexist in your life with other relationships with women, such as mothers, aunts, biological sisters and friends.)

              Do we have a responsibility to mentor and teach young women to be sisters?

              Sisterhood is like a legacy that needs to be passed on to future generations. Our young sisters need to be taught how to be sisters and our older women need sisters to keep their brains stimulated with positive emotional stimulus.

              Should and can we be sisters to older women?

              Yes. Sisterhood knows no age. However, it is crucial that we make an extended effort to build sisterhoods with the older women, particularly our seniors. As the older women's peer groups and/or spouses have passed on their social circle often diminishes. They may be forgotten about in senior citizen homes or sometimes even by family members. Positive emotional interaction, one of the benefits of sisterhood, is a key sense that provides for a well-balanced sister. That's something that a sister never gets too old to have.

              How can you establish a sisterhood with someone who doesn't know what it means to be a sister or has never had a sister?

              I often encounter women, both young and old, who have never experienced the warm embrace of sisterhood. Sisterhood requires work. Oftentimes the sister initiating the bond will be like a farmer tilling ground that has never been worked before. It's a process that requires time and different approaches. (Think outside of routine and use your heart.) Remember that, like , sisterhood is patient, kind, and it perseveres. There may be times when that sister, who is most needed for your life, will be the one that you have to teach how to be a sister.

              ( Article in part By Annie Ruth- Facebook )

              Walking and living this journey called life, We never really walk alone, It's called sisterhood !!! I don't care what hardships comes your way. There's a sister that walked that road before you and that shared experience is what allows us to make it thorough in better shape and with more ease. Reach out to a sister and she will reach out to you !!

              I my sisters, deeply !!! Peace


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                It is important for women to support each other now.

                You may be wondering why you may need sister support. Before the industrial and technology age, women lived tribally and in community for thousands of years. They did this to assist in child raising, birthing rituals, sisterhood, emotional support and celebration.

                For most indigenous cultures, women did gather in circle as a way of life. In ancient Egypt, women would gather around a pregnant women and celebrate her spirit by dancing. The dance would assist her in child labor and for her to deal with contractions. This was how the art of belly dancing has come about, through moving the body and getting ready for birth.

                What a beautiful practice!

                In Native American traditions, women were considered the healers and visionaries for the communities. They would commune together during the new moon, sit in circle and access their body wisdom during their bleeding time. They would pay attention to their bodies, and bring this wisdom to the community for insight and healing for what was happening in the world around them.

                Our relationship with our bodies will forever be changed.

                These lost traditions are now coming back, and this is time for you to get the sister support you need.

                The modern way in which we learned to compete with each other, put each other down, be jealous and say negative things about each other is no longer "cool." What the media is teaching you is unhealthy, unsatisfying and makes you feel “good” for a short period of time.

                Now, we can co-create new ways of relating by celebrating our bodies, supporting each other, sharing our deepest desires and fears and inspiring each other to be our highest potential.

                You can make great changes in the world by making changes to the way you relate to yourself and each other. You CAN have satisfying relationships in your life, including the one that you have with your sisters.

                Have a beautiful day and looking forward to connecting soon! :) Please feel free to share what YOU think.

                Love and Peace


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                  I enjoyed this post! Now I'm sure you know what I'm about to say next:

                  Come join us for Sistahs Speak Freely on Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30 cst.

                  Your input and topic ideas would be appreciated. We're growing so I'd like you to connect with your sistahs!



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                    Maakye (Good Morning)!

                    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts here in this thread. Sistahood is so very much needed and important in these days and times. Due to white supremacy and racism we as Afrakans have a lot of mental/emotional healing and spiritual work that needs to take place. The only way we can combat this is too form close, open and honest relationships with other sistahs we must recognize that we have one common enemy (Yurugu/whites) and it is not my Afrakan sistah. We have to want for our sistahs what we want for ourselves. I founded a pan-afrakan sistahood organization "Sistaz 4 Ma'at" which is a sistahood for Afrakan sistahs of the Diaspora to come together and share knowledge, skills, talents and wisdom to other sistahs. It is about restoring healing and balance to the whole woman in Mind, Body and Spirit. You can check us out at Maaha (Good day)!

                    ---------- Post added at 09:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:17 AM ----------

                    A sistah visited our site and shared this message and I would like to share with the sistahood here as it speaks volumes. Enjoy!!!

                    The Beauty of Sistahood

                    I would just like to share the following words. I cannot take credit for it's content, it was a writing that I came across in the Muslim Journal News Paper and I wanted to share it with my "Sistaz" Please enjoy! “The Beauty of Sisterhood” “Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good,enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong. They are the ones to attain felicity”. AL- Qur’an 3:104 “It’s in the way she greets you – from her, to your heart.

                    It’s in the way she admires your talents or your garment or your accomplishments – with genuine appreciation. It’s in the way she compliments your beauty – n the spirit of , not envy. She encourages you to be the best you can be – she is not jealous, she is inspired by your possibilities "SHE IS YOUR SISTER" She is the mirror that helps you to see yourself, enabling you to correct your faults and envision your greatness. She understands your challenges, your faults and your fears and shields them from view. Instead she weaves from her special threads a thought, a word, a reminder, an encouragement that comforts, gives hope, and engenders and unity. She brings insight and wisdom to the table of trials and gently invites you to sit and partake.

                    She respects your privacy, and values the trust she has been given "SHE IS YOUR SISTER" She seeks the higher ground when conflicts abound and when there is nothing good to say, she says nothing. She is sensitive to your feelings but will not withhold the truth you need for growth. She has integrity, she is honest, consistent and dependable. Her word is her bond. She wants for her sister what she wants for herself but understands that such desire is tempered by doing unto others only what you want done unto you. Your children and your husband are safe with her.

                    She is a nurturer, and a guardian of what is right. "SHE IS YOUR SISTER" Sisters come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, with qualities that bond aspirations, consciousness, and sensitivities together. So when one feels joy, all can rejoice, and when one hurts, all hurt. Sisters are Muslims, conscious or otherwise – Christians, Buddhists, Nationalists, Seekers of Truth, and Strivers for Right.

                    Sisterhood is based on Faith : Faith in the creator, the principles of truth, and right conduct which is measured by the universal criterion of doing to others only what you want done to you – in other words, wanting for your sister what you want for yourself. Women’s work, personally, in the home, and in the world, is enriched by integrity, , and respect in SISTER UNITY. To violate a sister ‘in the name of anything’ is to violate one’s self, and to break the bonds that hold us together. When we as sisters are safe in the hands of each other, and stand shoulder to shoulder facing the challenges of everyday life, in faith , as we do in prayer, we will be better sisters to each other, and that will change the world ! Peace & Blessings!


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                      Eye AM happy to testify that My Creator sent me to the brother that is described exactly in the above poem. However, Eye had to be purged for fifty-two years before Eye was sent to him (my lord). Eye AM truly grateful for the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years that he has endowed me with his presence. For fifty-two years my Creator was molding and shaping in His/Her image and likeness. In 1998 Eye received the "calling to the ministry Eye AM presently being used as a "vessel" for my Creator described exactly in the poem above, walking side by side with (my lord). The poems describe us both superbly, yet the credit goes to our Creator. Yadah humas and Shalam.