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Solutions to build a black community

Solutions to build a Black Community!


African Spirituality

“African spirituality” emerging as a new pseudo denomination ultimately an extension of Eurocentric exoticifcation of Africa. We see the loose generalization...

Africa’s History did not start with Slavery

It takes more than a horrifying transatlantic voyage chained in the filthy hold of a slave ship to erase someone’s culture–Maya Angelou


Revolution of Consciousness

Spiritual Connection: Know Thyself!


Solar Deity

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  • Solar Deity

    The story of Jesus, as the Sun/Son or risen savior, was stolen from the ancient peoples of Afrika & plagiarized by the Europeans into the story of the Three Wise Men. The story of the birth of Jesus includes a visit from the Three Wise Men. They follow a star to the east to find Bethlehem and witness the birth of the baby Jesus. We have all heard this story from when we were children, but very few know its true origin. As we have already seen, this story is common among many ancient peoples dating back even to the time when Heru/Horus of ancient Kemet/Egypt was worshiped as the ancient Egyptian solar deity. As is the case with much of the Jesus story, the adoration can be traced back through thousands of years when we eventually understand that this story, like many others, is an astrological allegory that is told about the celestial objects that the ancients knew as part of their everyday life. The Three Wise Men: "Wise" is falsely translated from the Greek magos, which denotes they were magicians or in this case, they were astrologers. In those days, astrologers were believed to be wise and learned men. On December 25 at midnight, the three wise men came from the east on their way to setting in the west. So, the three wise men and the star in the east become obvious astrological allegories... Our people perish for a lack of knowledge...Asar Meriamen

    — with Asar Meriamen.