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What IS Abibifahodie???

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  • What IS Abibifahodie???

    Mekyea mo (I greet you all) Afurakan family,

    Many of US regularly greet one another with the appelation of Abibifahodie but what does it REALLY mean? Firstly the literal translation of Abibifahodie means “Afurakan Liberation” in the Tshi (Twi) speaking language of Ghana and Ivory Coast. However, the way of life behind the terminology we so often use has not been fully explained or discussed among Afurakans as a nation of people. What does it mean to Live Abibifahodie? To incorporate the values of Abibifahodie in ones’ daily life practices and routine? When we say we are living the legacy of Abibifahodie what does that entail? And equally so what is ANTI Abibifahodie or what principles and values work against the fulfillment of Abibifahodie? What does it mean to be a nationbuilder and what values, principles and worldview should we embrace or abhor (shun) in order to fulfill this ancestral obligation??

    Based on a earlier discussion i had with some of OUR people, i decided to share my thoughts and inner meditation here as well, because i TRULY feel ALOT of us who are adamantly shouting Abibifahodie actually have NO IDEA what work, sacrifices and commitment that it actually entails. I for one can only speak for myself and state that my presence here at wordpress does not constitute living Abibifahodie and/or posting on other social networks does not eqaute with the work of Abibifahodie. Those of us who are devoted and serious about our RISE as families, communities and nation have the duty and obligation to work within our local communities and to connect with Afurakans internationally to build a self determining nationalist network that can aid and assist us in the quest for Family Development, Sovereignty & Inter generational nation building. It is a never ending process which could never be relegated to a “social network” where people have NO consistent access to one another or private communication.

    Abibifahodie is a way of life that is a central part of OUR sustenance and existence as a people and we should take even the uttering of the word VERY seriously. It is a LIFE FORCE unto itself and those who utter it in a show of unity should also be willing and able to LIVE the principles and values that are at its very foundation.

    Here are a few points i feel are central to LIVING the legacy of Abibifahodie, in the VERY REAL “offline” world when no one is looking WHO ARE YOU-REALLY??

    1) Afurakan people STOP fornicating sexually with NON Afurakans, STOP having intimate relationships and/or casual sex with NON Afurakans, STOP engaging in friendships with them, DO NOT allow them to have access to your melanin energy in anyway (when/if you must interact for business/economic reasons when $$ must be exchanged, rub BOTH your hands with florida water or kananga water and say an ancestral incantation so that the parasitic energy of yurugu and other NON Afurakans (yurugu relatives) will NOT PENETRATE you. Afurakan people are highly sensitive to negative energy and so we should always be careful when interacting with enemies and ALL NON Afurakans of any kind. IF you cannot FULLY commit yourself to this first central point, then YOU ARE NOT READY to live the ancestral legacy of Abibifahodie. Seek healing and return to US when you are able to commit to buiding this reality, starting with yourself.

    2) Try your best as an Afurakan to support our businesses and entrepreneurs for your basic needs. WE ALL need food, shelter and clothing-figure out as an Afurakan HOW you can obtain these needs from your own people. Food can be purchased from Afurakan/Caribbean grocers, instead of living on your own you can share a residence with other Afurakans and save money together or you can rent from an Afurakan or live in an Afurakan dominant community/apartment complex kwk, you can wear Afurakan clothing from the Motherland or you can support Afurakan merchants of RBG clothing kwk. There is always a way to get all the needs you require from your own people if you try hard enough it can be done. I know this because i do it myself! NOTHING Is impossible in 2013 in North America! If you cannot do it in your city, order clothing or food online! All thangs are possible through paypal!

    3) INVEST in Afurakan economies in MELANIN dominant regions of the world. SIMPLE.
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    4) Travel to indigenous communities in Afurakan dominant islands and countries to establish a connection with OUR people there, whether it be on the Motherland or in the diaspora. Connect with communities that have large pops. of Afurakan people, find out what the people do daily, how they live, what they eat, what languages they speak, how they survive economically, how they raise their children, how they marry, learn their story & take some of the ideas you learn and implement it in your own community where you live in the Beast (U.S., Canada or any yurugu dominant territory).

    5) Donate to Afurakan centered schools, institutions, learning centers and shrines contribute financially to the process of Abibifahodie STRICTLY with those who are UNcompromisingly Afurakan and precise about the fact that we are at WAR. If possible, send your child to an Afurakan centered institution, school or afterschool program, or create one in collaboration with other Abibifahodie nationalists.

    6) REembrace OUR indigenous ancient spiritual scientific traditions, practices, rites and rituals, become reconnected to your Ori, Orisa and Egun. REJECT All religions and concepts that are hand me down inheritances from Our traumatic ONGOING Maafa experience.

    7) DO NOT allow yurugu or any NON Afurakan to determine the definitions of SANKOFA for you or your family, meaning DO NOT allow their language to define OUR experience in anyway, shape or form. This may be hard because we speak their language but their definitions cannot and never will define us.

    8) Build Afurakan friendships, networks, relationships, collectives and alliances with like minded people of your OWN nation

    9) Begin to practice and live the principles of UMOJA (Unity), UJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility) & UJAMAA (Cooperative Economics) among ourselves revive the traditions of SUSU (Afurakan nation banking) and economic partnership with OUR people worldwide

    10) Begin to produce and create goods and services which the nation needs to exist and function.

    11) Learn to resolve disputes without having to have the “last say”. If you dis-agree with another Afurakan who is committed to living Abibifahodie and you cannot seem to come to a consensus about who is right or wrong or who started the conflict kwk be the more upright Afurakan and AGREE to DIS-agree AND keep it moving. If your comrade cannot accept that the conflict is over, refrain from communicating with them until they have accepted that the ARGUMENT DONE. If they insist on continuing the discussion, let them know that the Mission of Abibifahodie is MUCH more important to you than appeasing their fragile ego. Show them the door. ”Two captains cannot live in a ship”.

    12) Do not gossip or slander another Afurakan behind their back, if you have an issue with a Brotha/Sista call them and tell them to their face. Hypocrisy is part of the yurugu worldview and it is NOT an indigenous personality trait of Afurakan people, so if you gossip and you are melanin dominant you are embracing yurugu cultural values and you ARE a hypocrite.

    13) If you are homosexual and/or a misogynist, defender of patriarchy (yurugu inspired male dominant value system which BIRTHED homosexuality) and if you have homosexual tendencies or hatred of the divine feminine/masculine, please seek Afurakan centered psychological counselling before you declare yourself to be a “warrior” of your people. Any Afurakan who displays these qualities is a danger to the entire community and nation and must be EXILED until they are able to find healing modalities that can aid them in their return to Afurakan sanity.

    14) Learn to greet Afurakan people in an honorable and respectful manner even if you do not know the person. As Afurakans we must accept the fact that it is OUR ancestral duty and obligation to show Honor and Reverence to one another when we come together.

    15) Recognize that every Afurakan child is a REturned ancestor, treat Our children with supreme honor and . Afurakan children should not be seen by anyone but their parents before 9 days old, the reason for this is because the ancestral spirits are with them very closely during this time and they are still in between two worlds. Educate expectant parents that they must Honor this ancestral tradition because it is a form of spiritual protection for them and their family. This is your obligation as a part of the Afurakan nation.

    16) Implement methods and ways in which nation traitors in your family, communities and nation will be dealt with, do not allow nation traitors to wreck emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual havoc and mayhem in the Afurakan nation while you call yourself a warrior. Warriors do NOT allow nation traitors to walk free and carelessly in the community without reprimanding them and implementing ways in which they will be punished. If there is no punishment for being a sell out then that means everyone in the nation is FREE to abuse, terrorize and victimize Afurakan people and there will be no consequences for it. Is that the message of “warriorhood” we want to leave for our children?

    17) Compose a life plan journal/will for your children, indicating what is expected of them as a member of an Abibifahodie family and/or community, and also expressing what will not be accepted. There must be a consequence for breaking Ancestral Law (MAAT) so indicate within the life journal what you want for your family, grandchildren and great-grand and what will be done if the Ancestral Laws of the family are broken. There must be consequences for ancestral treason and you must decide what they are. Write it consisely and have it notarized by a legal representative.

    18) Create or Join an existing Afurakan collective (that is free of yurugu and ALL NON Afurakans), family group or organization based on OUR divine ancestral values (ADMONITIONS OF MAAT, ADINKRA, IFA kwk) and make sure that all the Afurakans in this network can depend on one another and be there for one another in all circumstances and times of urgency. Decide what your Mission statement will be as an extended family. Our Afurakan relationships must be wholistic and grounded in the values of the extended family. Our relationships should not simply be based on an “entertainment” (lecture circuit, conference, seminar kwk) paradigm.

    If you are only seeing or communicating with your Afurakan “comrades” at events then those people cannot be trusted or taken seriously. Our relationships must reflect the fact that we are interdependent and communal by nature, therefore, we must be able to sit and eat together, execute plans of nation building together and count on each other in a time of need. Relationships that do not reflect this are pseudo-european, anti-Afurakan, anti-MAAT and cannot stand the test of time. IF we choose to define Ourselves as Afurakans, our relationships cannot be reflecting yurugu values and a parasitic worldview (based on individualism-which is anti-life/anti-community).

    19) As an Afurakan male and or female know your role. I will not take this time to discuss or explain the Afurakan males’ role to him, as i would hope there are Elder Brothas out here who can enlighten our men about their obligations. However, i will briefly state that as Ohemmas’ of the Universe, the Epitome of Divine Femininty it is the responsibility of the Afurakan woman to know how to groom herself properly, to embrace her natural beauty and hair, to accept that her breasts and physical body is not a object of sexual gratification for men but rather a vessel of Divinity through which Afurakan life can be REborn, therefore the act of Sex in and of itself is a method of channeling spiritual energy from Orun, to know how to prepare healthy meals using traditional foods, spices and ingredients from OUR ancestral diet and to honor and accept the fact that the ONLY rightful complimentary She has on this planet is the Afurakan man (same thang goes vice versa). My Egun have informed me that it is unacceptable for a Sista to romantically pursue a Brotha, so if you are an Ohemma (Mother of the Universe/Black wombman) and you have an interest in a Brotha in your community DO NOT pursue him, let the Egun do what they must and if it is meant to be it will be.

    20) Learn and Study the ancient spiritual science of Divine Law & Divine Hate…overstand what these terminologies mean before shunning the concept of “hatred”. Hatred in the oyinbo (devoid of a soul) languages of the world and hatred in Our OWN language is not the same thang. Learn how to conceptualize our thoughts, philosophies and ancestral wisdom in OUR own tongue, because the concept of BEing Afurakan has an origin, beginning with OUR own language and way of seeing the world. IF you would like to learn more about this spiritual science please contact me by email and i will provide you with resources in this area.

    Ase Ooooo!!!!!

    Mama Kentake.