Mobile Messinger Chat!

ABIBIFAHODIE! Nubian family and to our newest members. Our mobile chat is back up and running if you would like to Communicate one on one you can.

The green image at the bottom right of the site for the mobile devices is what you looking for just tap the image.

Thanks to everyone support and patience.

Everyone have a peaceful and productive day!
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  • Think About It..

    Animals instinctively fast when sick or hurt. The ill animal sips only water until well again.

    Most people do just the opposite of the animals when they are sick. They maintain hectic work schedules and eat a rich diet, and take anything they can find to gain comfort.

    Most are unaware that symptoms of runny nose or fever are the treatment the body has prescribed to remedy the c
    ondition. The increased mucous production is the body's means of flushing away infected cells and toxins from the body.

    Typical cold and fever symptoms that most will try to suppress are nothing more than the attempts of the body to restore balance and remove dis-ease itself.

    By using drugs you Stop the natural processes of the body, making matters worse or prolonging the condition.

    Dr Llaila Afrika