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Solutions to build a black community

Solutions to build a Black Community!


African Spirituality

“African spirituality” emerging as a new pseudo denomination ultimately an extension of Eurocentric exoticifcation of Africa. We see the loose generalization...

Africa’s History did not start with Slavery

It takes more than a horrifying transatlantic voyage chained in the filthy hold of a slave ship to erase someone’s culture–Maya Angelou


Revolution of Consciousness

Spiritual Connection: Know Thyself!


Top Black Health Resources

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  • Top Black Health Resources

    Listings of African American health web sites and organizations

    Black AIDS Institute
    This black health organization was the first HIV/AIDS policy center dedicated to reducing HIV/AIDS health disparities amongst African Americans.

    Center For African American Health (CAAH)
    This Denver-based black health organization reduces the serious health disparities that affect African Americans.

    National African American Tobacco Education Network (NAATEN)
    This black health organization is a collaborative effort to educate African Americans about the harmful effects of tobacco.

    50 Million Pound Challenge
    This web site is an initiative by Dr. Ian Smith, an African American doctor and author, and State Farm Insurance. The web site offers expert advice on health, and an online weight loss tracking

    African Americans and Alzheimer’s Disease
    As this site explains, African Americans may be more susceptible to the grips of Alzheimer’s disease. Check out this site to learn more.

    African American Breastfeeding Alliance
    AABA’s purpose is to educate African American women and families about the important maternal and infant benefits of breastfeeding.

    African American Community Health Advisory Committee
    The African American Community Health Advisory Committee, comprised of residents of San Mateo County, is dedicated to addressing issues impacting our community's health.

    African American Community Service Agency
    Their mission is to preserve the dignity and culture of a diverse African American community and to provide services that promote full participation in the general society.

    African American Health
    A website dedicated to everything having to do with African American health, from exercise and fitness to food and nutrition, and everything in between.

    African American Health Coalition, Inc
    The goal AFAHC is to build a network of persons committed to improving the health of African Americans

    African American Health Programs
    The African American Health Program is committed to eliminating health disparities and improving the number and quality of years of life for African Americans in Montgomery County, Maryland.

    African American Health Issues
    This wisdom filled website speaks on issues that plague many Blacks. Some of these issues include AIDS and domestic violence, plus many more.

    The African American Health Network
    The African American Health Network seeks to decrease the health disparities that ravish the African American community by providing practical, yet powerful informational tools.

    Afro Med
    The doctor who runs this site feels that, due to the lack of medical information out there for Blacks, there needs to be a place to get some basic information and links to more specific.

    American Sickle Cell Anemia Association
    The American Sickle Cell Anemia Association (ASCAA) is an organization that provides quality and comprehensive services.

    African American Therapists
    Mental health is just as important as physical health. Here you can find an African American therapist to help you with your mental health needs.

    All About Black Health
    This is a very comprehensive site on many matters that affect African Americans. There are separate sections for men’s and women’s health needs.

    The Association of Black Psychologists
    This association seeks to organize their skills and abilities to influence necessary change and address significant problems facing black communities.

    Association of Clinicians for the Underserved
    This association focuses on issues such as health care access, elimination of health disparities, and cultural competency in the health care setting.

    Bay Area African American Health Initiative
    This initiative seeks to promote and build partnerships with organizations so that we can work together to maximize our capacity to serve African-American people and other communities of color.

    Be Powerful
    The aim of this website is to offer health information that can raise the quality of life for African Americans.

    Black AIDS Institute
    The Black AIDS Institute is the first Black HIV/AIDS policy center dedicated to reducing HIV/AIDS health disparities by mobilizing Black institutions and individuals in efforts to confront the epidemic in their communities.

    Black Biomedical Research Movement
    This movement was formed for the purpose of eliminating our nation’s severe health disparity and increasing the pool of minority researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health.

    Black Coalition on AIDS
    The mission of BCA is to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate health disparities in the Black community.

    Black Health Care
    This site is a culturally oriented and ethnically focused comprehensive internet-based health and medical information provider dedicated to addressing the special health problems of African-Americans.

    Black Vegetarian Society of Texas
    This society’s mission is to educate the public, particularly the African American community, on the benefits of a plant-based diet.

    Black Women’s Health
    The contributors of this site are many, most of whom are doctors. It’s filled with a lot of health related information, such as nutrition and fitness, spiritual and mental health, and finances.

    Black Women’s Health Imperative
    The mission of this imperative is to promote optimum health for Black Women across the life span – physically mentally and spiritually.

    California Black Women’s Health Project
    This group focuses on empowering Black women to take personal responsibility for our own health and to advocate for changes in policies that adversely affect their health status.

    Center for African American Health
    The Center is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the African American community.

    Center for Black Women’s Wellness
    CBWW is a non-profit organization that provides free and low-cost services to empower black women, and their families, toward physical, mental and economic wellness.

    Cross Cultural Health Care Program
    One of the goals of this program is to collaborate with ethnic communities to gain full participation in the health care system. The site provides information into the program.

    Dr. Carolle’s Wellness Center for Midlife Women
    Dr. Carolle is a holistic, board certified gynecologist and menopause and this website offers her services, along with important information regarding midlife issues.

    The Dynamic Diva
    This website complete African holistic health information and other tidbits of wisdom. It provides ways to become more balanced in all areas of your life.

    Full Circle Health
    FCH has the unique ability to bridge the divide between psychological, sociological, biological and spiritual health at the individual or institutional level.

    Grand Rapids African American Health Institute
    GRAAHI’s mission is “To promote health care parity in the Grand Rapids African American community through advocacy, education and research to achieve positive health outcomes.”

    Journey to Wellness
    This mission here is to provide health care information that engages minority consumers and influences health behaviors.

    Mahogany Baby
    Mahogany Baby is also a magazine. This site provides moms and dads a wealth of information important to know about issues that may affect you and your children.

    Manhattan Physical Exams
    Annual checkups, health examinations, medical assessments, preoperative tests and clearances. Proudly serving African American community.

    Minority Women’s Health
    An amazingly comprehensive site, providing African Americans health information on anything from asthma to violence, and everything in between.

    National African American Tobacco Education Network
    The National African American
    Tobacco Education Network (NAATEN) is a collaborative of national, state and community based organizations serving the African American/Black community.

    National Black Nurses Association
    NBNA mission is to provide a forum for collective action by African American nurses to "investigate, define and determine what the health care needs of African Americans are.

    National Institute of Health
    NIH’s site provides Blacks health topics in an array of areas that the Institute has done research into.

    Net Wellness
    Not only does Net Wellness provide multiple topics and conditions for which African Americans can find information on, but it also provides the option to “Ask an Expert” for more specific questions.

    Nubian Health Products
    Nubian is a company that sells African American based products, such as vitamins and nutritional supplements. There are an array of articles of the site visitor to enjoy.

    Portland African American Health Coalition
    The AAHC promotes wellness for African Americans who live in Portland, Oregon. Their vision is to be the healthiest African American community in the nation.

    Sickle Cell Advocates for Research and Empowerment
    This site is the first community based website by and for people with sickle cell disease, their families and friends, dedicated to the sharing of information and the development of resources and advocacy skills

    Society for the Analysis of African American Public Health Issues
    The Society’s mission includes initiating and assisting in the improvement, development, maintenance and utilization of appropriate databases for the understanding of health problems and needs of African American communities.