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"Five Foot Wrong"! Subway Bans Azodicarbonamide!!!

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  • "Five Foot Wrong"! Subway Bans Azodicarbonamide!!!

    Subway is now removing the carcinogenic ingredients in their bread which was reported to be the same ingredients used in Yoga Mats and Rubber Shoe Soles. That's right; you heard correctly - YOGA MATS AND RUBBER SHOES.

    Click image for larger version

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    Had to check this out! I'm telling you if this does not force you to grow your own food and/or cook at home then everything that happens after that is on us. When you know better you do better although that is not always the case. SMH! Looks like we are going to be eating more at home than out.


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      The whole amerikkkan "die it" is toxic! lol It ALL should be banned!!


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        Originally posted by Spiritual Evolution View Post
        The whole amerikkkan "die it" is toxic! lol It ALL should be banned!!
        Spiritual you aint neva lied my brotha! that is Real talk!