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Guess What One Thing Women Aren’t Doing That Is Making Life Overwhelming for Them

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  • Guess What One Thing Women Aren’t Doing That Is Making Life Overwhelming for Them

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    Often times it feels like there is no room for anything extra in your life. You are so busy with work, family, and everything else that life throws at you that there is no time left for a good workout. However, adding a regular workout to your daily routine can help you go balance everything else according to a new study.
    Researchers from the University of Houston-Victoria, Saint Louis University, and Illinois State University worked on a paper that shows how regular exercise can help you to balance all of the other things in life that you don’t seem to have enough time for. It seems strange right? Adding one more thing into your already hectic schedule can actually make things better?The theory behind the results is that when you work out, you decrease stress. When you are less stressed you have a better handle on how to deal with things through the day. If you are stressed out over work, decide to go for a run, and then come back with a clear head you will be able to deal with everything else that you have to do that day. If you work out in the morning before work you will be able to think about your schedule clearly and plan out what you need to do for the day instead of trying to fit everything in down to the minute.A study was conducted on 476 participants. They were asked about how they felt they were able to balance their lives through the day and asked about stress. LiveScience conducted the study and found that half of the men and women that were studied said that they had a somewhat difficult or very difficult time trying to balance their day.

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    We all lead such busy lives, leaving little time to focus on self. To incorporate more exercise into one's day can be as simple as walking. Get off the train a station earlier, walk the rest of the way. You would be surprised how daily walking can add to your fitness level. And depending on your pace its a good cardio work out too. I used to work in the City and walked from London Bridge to Tower Bridge daily, twice a day (going and coming ) it also gave me calves to die for lol


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      Yes everyone needs exercise, men too.

      I recognize at times women do have heavier workload. It is women do spread themselves thin and need to concentrate more on self when applicable.

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        Sister Sekhmet.thanks for the reply I enjoy reading your postI thought this may be interesting for someone our sisters peace