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This is Hazardous to your health

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  • This is Hazardous to your health


    It seems like a normal and often seen practice - Drinking while eating.

    This is normally done and the average person thinks nothing of it and probably does it as well.

    We'll soon see this normal looking practice is anything but safe and harmless.

    Here are Two Basic Problems that arise while Drinking & Eating:
    1. Food Being swallowed Before being Thoroughly chewed
    2. The temperature of the drink (Many times Cold) changes the temperature in the stomach

    When we drink while chewing we sometimes will swallow food that hasn't been chewed or hasn't been fully chewed.

    In this case the food goes down into our stomachs in a form that would either make it hard to digest or end up sitting in the stomach partially digested.

    This is especially important when it comes to eating starches.

    Starches such as rice, breads, pastas etc. get pre digested in the mouth with the enzyme we produce called ptylin.

    When this pre digestion does not take place in your mouth, and the food is swallowed, your body is not able to properly digest the food.

    This could lead to stomach pains and also longer digestion times of the rest of your food, coupled with the fact that food may remain in the stomach for a long amount of time becoming rotten. Which can cause a number of other issues later on.

    Many times people will drink cold drinks while eating.

    The temperature of these drinks is much lower than the temperature of the digestive juices in the stomach.

    The body then has to raise the temperature back to the correct level.

    You may say no big deal, but this takes energy away from you unnecessarily and while this takes place the food is staying in the stomach undigested longer than it should.

    These Delays are Not what you Want
    • Any delays in digestion is not a good thing. Food becomes rancid (rotten) and bacteria filled.
    • Longer digestion times mean less energy and causes a feeling of being sleepy (The Itis)
    • Possible aches and pains due to rotting food
    • Slower restricted blood flow due to oils being hardened
    There's so much to this, but these are just 2 basic issues that come from drinking while eating.

    It should be remembered that digestion takes a great deal of energy as it is, so we want to make this process easy and smooth as possible.

    Remember that your health is the greatest form of wealth.

    Stay out of Mc'dodos, Murder King and the rest of the fast death so called restaurants.

    Take care of your body and further your education on nutrition and holistic wellness.

    Dr Llaila Afrika has great information that has helped me and thousands of others change their diets and health around. Click Here

    No dis-ease is incurable. If you're breathing you can change your condition. #Fact

    Two Reasons You Shouldn't Drink While Eating