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What Every Woman Needs to Ask Herself Before Leaving Her Husband For a Lover

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  • What Every Woman Needs to Ask Herself Before Leaving Her Husband For a Lover

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ID:	8540You are married, but you also have a r. You feel that your r is your soul-mate despite the fact that you are committed to another person. You are ready to get that divorce, take the shackles off and be with the person that you feel you are really meant to be with. But should this be the route that you go? Ask yourself these questions before you make a decision that will change your life forever.1. How well do you really know your r? When everything is new in a relationship, nothing else seems to matter. When you are in this stage however, it is not reality. Don’t discredit the fact that you are with this person who knows that you are married and yet they are okay with lying and adultery.

    2. How real is it? Is it just a fling? You are always showing your best side in the fleeting time that you have with your r, but is that what they are really like out from under the covers?
    3. Are you really looking at your marriage objectively? The excitement of having a r could be clouding your perception of your marriage and only make you focus on the bad, and none of the good.

    4. Are you being honest about what you bring to the marriage? Do you really feel that you are the best partner and your husband is the one who is ruining everything You have to ask yourself if you are you taking a hard look at some issues that you may be the cause of.
    5. If you have children, is your happiness more important than theirs? Should you disrupt their lives and turn everything upside down for what may turn out to be just a fling?
    6. Are you aware of the fact that this fling will probably never turn into a sustainable relationship? Even if it does turn into something serious, who’s to say that you won’t do this again?
    7. Are you prepared for the backlash? Friends and family will be shocked and most likely displeased at your choice. Be prepared to lose some friendships or be scolded by family.

    By: Krystle Crossman

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    Millie says it best


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      Originally posted by Sekhmet View Post
      Millie says it best

      I've learned over the years to not look for "" per se but to look for sincerity. It helps with danger.