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Our Children and Our Future: What is Our responsibility?

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  • Our Children and Our Future: What is Our responsibility?

    Mekyea mo (I greet you all) brothas and sistas of the Afrikan world diaspora!,
    Ete sen? (how are you)....i have some thoughts i want to share with you today that i have been thinking about intensely over the last few days. so please take time to read this email and to respond as well when you have the time because this concerns all of us and our future. we are a people with a divine and sacred inheritance and a dynamically powerful history as we all know already. we are also a people who have lost so very much due to our defeat by our enemies and due to our voluntary submission to white world domination, and we seem to be ok with that for now. fine. but please let us take into consideration the FACT that there are children, OUR children, who are going to inherit this legacy of being subservient slaves to white world domination, who are going to inherit this legacy of economic and social disempowerment, self-hatred, communal disenfranchisement and mental terror coming from their own Afrikan people and ofcourse coming from their enemies. our enemies have always tortured us mentally and physically and there is no reason to assume that they will stop now. when i speak of OUR children, i have to be clear and precise. let me explain that i am referring to fully black children in this case, primarily, and also mixed children whose mother is black because they will more than likely follow and adopt the culture of their mother, in all honesty i could really care less about mixed children whose mother is white. they are of absolutely NO concern to me, if i offend anyone with this statement, then i apologize for the inconvenience but the time is urgent so let me go on. i have been thinking to myself about this reality and the great burden we are ALL heaping on our childrens` heads....i have also thought of what my children will say to me when they grow up and realize this is what i have left for them and willingly so....i am very concerned not only for myself as a mother but for all mothers, fathers and all those who have children or would like to have children.

    I realize some of you who may be reading this do not have biological children of your own. but does that really matter? the children of OUR community are yours as well and i hope you realeyes that as you read this. i just want to know and i hope you all will take the time to respond to this because this is not even about US anymore, this is about THEM. it is clear to many of us, as i have taken the time to speak to some people over the last week, that we Afrikan adults do not really care that much about our own collective cultural survival and existence, as our Bakoko (divine ancestors) have shared with us ``when actions speak, words are meaningless`` and it is clear that our action, or INaction has spoken very clearly.....BUT, even though this is true, we still have a GREAT responsibility to OUR children to ensure that they will atleast have a chance at cultural survival and existence. i am not trying to say by any means that i am the only person in the Afrikan world thinking of these things. that would be ridiculous and ignorant. but still, i know we tend to have severe ego issues as a people and we also get very defensive when someone brings these things to the table. right now the time is so urgent for our children that we truly have no time to be ego tripping or acting out of our yurugu (european infested) mind. if there was ever a time for us to attack the yurugu in US, it is NOW. we MUST think and act right on behalf of the children. we really have no choice. so this is just an attempt from one concerned Afrikan mother reaching out to other concerned Afrikan parents, aunties, uncles and caretakers to simply ASK a question to you all.....

    WHAT, if anything, are we willing to do as Afrikan people to ensure our collective cultural survival and existence for the next generation? i have heard many people just this week say to me that i should just be concerned about myself and my child and i should just forget about this ``collective thang`` because it is an illusion that i myself have created. i can understand that they would say such a thing especially seeing our current condition. but if i were really to do that, and concern myself ONLY with my child and ``forget`` about other Afrikan children and families how would i really ensure that my son have a secure future? he will surely have to exist within a world in which his own people still have no economic or social power, a world in which his people function and survive within the framework of mental slavery and he would still have to function within a world governed by white world domination with NO support and with a NON-existent community base. i do not expect and i will never expect my children or any Afrikan children to go out into the world wearing blindfolds on. to leave NO legacy for Afrikan children other than one of slavery and servitude to white domination, is just plain wicked in my opinion. ofcourse this is my opinion, but look around and ask yourselves, WHAT are we really leaving for them other than that??

    It still amazes me that Afrikan people actually believe that any people can survive without a communal base, this has always been impossible for all people and it will always be. however, regardless of the fact that this is true, i still remain vigilant in teaching my child a strong sense of self as well as maintaining a spiritual foundation in our home. i will do this until the day that i transition and go to meet my Bakoko (divine ancestors). i also realize however, that all that i am doing as a parent must be reinforced by communal support, a strong cultural foundation (or atleast some form of one) and economic cooperation, even if it is miniscule. i know we do not have any of these things and i am not sure if we are even striving to have them. right now i try not to be too concerned with Afrikan adults, and their own personal beliefs, opinions or grievances with each other. i am concerned solely and primarily with the children, that is really what this message is about. regardless of our own irresponsibility to ourselves and to our divine ancestors, we still have a very serious responsibility to leave some form of cultural legacy for our children. what i am speaking of here is something that can only be done with some form of collective cooperation and most importantly, a COLLECTIVE WILL TO SURVIVE, because right now regardless of what each of you reading this may have economically or socially as a COLLECTIVE we are NOT surviving.

    If you disagree, just look around you, look at the caribbean, the diaspora, and Afrika, at our conditions in these places, and you will see for yourself. we are a people that have learned from our enemies how to be self consumed and individualistic but that is not something we can afford to pass down to our children. they will most definitely have a very difficult time in their lives if we teach them this dysfunctional way of functioning as human beings. so far it has not worked very well for us and it will not work well for them either. so, i would like to know as an Afrikan mother, auntie, sister and wife is ``Do we even have a collective will to survive culturally and economically NOT for ourselves, but for OUR children?`` and if we do what are we willing to do about it? this is a question i pose to you all who are also Afrikan parents, aunties, uncles, sisters, mothers and wives kwk (etc) and please if you do not want to respond to this leter atleast send me an email indicating that, instead of not replying at all. i would hope that OUR children are important enough to us for us to engage in some form of a collective dialogue on our future, which in essence, is THEM. Meda ase for reading these words and have a blessed wonderful day. Htp.

    With and respect,
    your sista,
    Yaya Kentake.

    "Knowledge without action is like hoarding precious metals, a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge is like wealth, intended for use. Those who violate the universal law of USE, conflict with natural forces"

    Kemetic wisdom

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    Sista, I thoroughly appreciate your commitment and passion in the strength/enlightenment, progression and protection of our most precious resource of course, our children. The necessity to 'look past' our own selfish (misguided) euro/lusts in this equation will prove of course, 'that greatest challenge' but no less paramount. (It's as hard as hades to look in the mirror...and some simply never will...but) I happen to be of the old school of thought however, in that 'from a single seed, does the mighty oak grow'. (after all, somebody birthed Malcolm....) So just keep on doin what you do at home but...don't give up on our community at large either--we NEED Sistas like you!! Hetepu


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      Hetep my sister. First and foremost, I just want to say Thank You for this power post. For me you are speaking total truth here. Yes this teaching should go to our children. We have alot of conciseness brothers and sisters who has the knowledge but only holding among ourselves.

      If we don't get serious soon about our movements, it will be to late for us, as well as for our children. So its time for us to step up to the plate and get serious with unity, our economic programs as well as our educational programs for our youth.

      So its time for us to stop all of our talking and lets put this program into action.



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        Greeting Sistren Yaya, I agree with a lot of what you said. Eye for one in teaching our children place the emphasis on "CULTURE". Some Afrikans living in the european system have forsaken their own 'culture' for another. The racism you and eye have felt, our children and childrens' children will also feel UNTIL we reclaim our own cultural practices. Sis Marimba Ani describes it well as their "assili". Their inherent need to oppress/destroy/dominate others. Until we fully overstand how they function and the ... machinations used, we will continue to receive the same ... generational effects. The cycle must be broken. To break it is to IN-FORM the children of all that they were and are. Once they are empowered, it breaks the links in the perpetual chain of dependancy.



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          Yes, sis this post is very relative to our survival. It is incumbent upon us all to work toward saving and Re-Afrakanizing ourselves and our children for a higher and brighter future. Thanks for this very important message sis. Meda Ase.


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            Peace Sis! Your words have invoked the spirit of our ancestors in me! I wish there were more Afrakan people world wide on this site! I guess most are still suffering from intense STOCKHOLM SYNDROME