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How To Avoid Burnout When You Home-school Full Time

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  • How To Avoid Burnout When You Home-school Full Time

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ID:	8692Home-schooling your child is a full-time job. You must be focused and engaged at all times while you are teaching so that your children are focused and engaged as well. Unfortunately this can take a toll on you as there are still other things such as household chores that need to be done during the day after school. This can cause you to burnout quickly. Here are some ways to ensure that you do not burn out and can give your child the best at-home education possible from home-school mother Simcha Fisher:- Support: You are going to need support through this process. It is good to connect with other parents who are home-schooling so that you can get answers to any questions or doubts that you may have about your methods. Support is also necessary when you need to vent frustrations.
    - Limits: There are limits that everyone has. Make sure that you know your limits. If you are becoming too stressed out and find yourself thinking that you wish your child was in a regular school it may be time to send them back. You will not be doing anyone any favors if you don’t feel like being there teaching your child. They will notice that you have checked out and will do the same. Don’t compare: Do not compare yourself to other home-school parents. Everyone has different children who have different learning styles. Everyone has a different teaching style. There is no one “right” way to home-school your child. If you compare yourself to others and how they are teaching their children you will begin to doubt yourself and may pick up some habits that do not support your child’s unique learning style.
    - Take a break: Lastly know when you need a break. Take a few days off and take your child out for some field trips instead of sitting in the house. They can still learn if you go to a zoo or a museum. If you want to take a break completely from schooling, that is okay too! Take them to the pool or the playground to help them relax and get fresh air for the both of you. This is one of the great things about home-schooling. There are no set schedules or lesson plans.

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    Great information bed. Thanks for this in-formation