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Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu: Love and High Expectations Lead to Black homeschooling Success

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  • Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu: Love and High Expectations Lead to Black homeschooling Success

    By: Krystle Crossman
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    Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu has some interesting facts about African-American children who are home-schooled that many people many not know about. We often hear that Black children under-perform in school and have low test scores. What we don’t hear about are the children that are home-schooled. Reports show that Black children who are taught at home are scoring in the 77th percentile in math and 82nd percentile in reading. This is 30-40% higher than those who go to public schools.
    Dr. Kunjufu says that there is a simple explanation for these high scores and that is simply the high expectations and that the Black children who are home-schooled experience as opposed to their public-schooled counterparts. Booker T Washington High School once said that you have to the students in order to teach them. Home-schooled children are a testament to this theory and their scores reflect it. When they are taught by their parents they know that their teacher s them and wants the best for them. The teachers aren’t just there to do a job; they are really there to help, and the child will be able to tell that right away.Many Black students report that they do not feel d or respected in classrooms. They feel that they are given low expectations because of all of the stereotypes that go along with their culture. This causes students to under-perform. If the teachers and the school systems don’t care about their education, why should they?Black students are often reprimanded or punished and that is how a good majority of the school day is spent in public schools instead of focusing on learning material. Home-schooling allows Black children to focus and be pushed to higher limits than they would get at a public school. They are allowed to reach their full potential and work hard. Home-schooled kids care about their education because they know that their parents care about it.Another huge benefit to teaching children at home is the fact that you get to teach them about your values. You can give them confidence and help them to grow up to be the best person that they can be. Their success in life will be a direct reflection of the time and effort that you put into helping them become all they could dream of being.