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Meet Stephen: After Being Home-schooled Until Age 11,

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  • Meet Stephen: After Being Home-schooled Until Age 11,

    Meet Stephen: After Being Home-schooled Until Age 11, He Entered Morehouse With a Triple Major Including Medical School

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    Stephen R. Stafford II was home-schooled by his parents. At the very young age of 11 years old he started college courses at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother saw how much potential that he had while she was teaching him and she just could not keep up with his academic skills. Not wanting to hold him back at all she enrolled him at Morehouse. Not only is he bright but he is musically talented as well. He began playing piano at the age of two and is now a classical pianist. When he is asked how he does it and how he feels about how exceptional he is, he simply replies that he is just like every other kid, he just learns quickly.

    Unfortunately for Stephen a law in the state of Georgia is going to slow down his progress just a bit. Students are not allowed to officially graduate from high school until they are 16. He is going to complete that coursework as well as the college classes he is currently in so that he can get a jump on everything else once he is officially graduated. He will be receiving his triple major degrees (pre-med, mathematics, and computer science) at the age of 17 and then will be headed off to the Morehouse School of Medicine. They are estimating that he is going to be graduating from the medical program at the age of 22.
    Stephen is a true inspiration to all of those around and shows that with effort and hard work you can do anything that you wish. He is also great proof that home-schooling children can produce amazing results.

    By: Krystle Crossman