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Infant formula

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  • Infant formula


    Can anyone recommend a health, preferably organic and vegetarian, infant formula for a mother who isn't in a position to breastfeed?

    Give thanks for your suggestions!


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    Greetings me Nua. Recently, my niece inquired about the same thing. She was looking for alternatives "just in case". One of Fawohodie Sua's instructors- Certified Herbalist/Healer, Mama Karimah, responded back with the following great information. Hope it assists your friend.

    I am so glad you stressed to your niece the importance of breastmilk. She needs to try to breast feed for at least the first 6 months because there really is no substitute; there are formulas that babies can survive off of but in my opinion they are not worthy of being considered substitutes for breastmilk. Does she think she will have difficulty in providing breastmilk for the baby? Anyway, I know you probably asked her all of the right questions, I just wanted to stress my stance on this because it is a hot topic because there have been some instances where babies suffered malnutrition from homemade formulas and mama's were persecuted because of it. The marketed infant formulas have the advantage of laboratory and those of us brought up on Similac are still alive; maybe not in the best of health but- alive :) Before formulas were heavily marketed in the 1950's, mama's mixed evaporated milk, corn syrup, wheat flour and if they had access to it, vitamin powder. This sounds like such a mess to me but, they lived. Anyway, to answer your question I have heard of mamas mixing homemade almond milk, irish moss, virgin coconut oil and maple syrup together. In my opinion, I would wait until the baby is at least 7 months old to give them irish moss because there are questions of it having adverse affects in the gut. Also I found a naturopath that compiled a list of homemade formulas that are supposedly tried and true, I have not tried them or know anyone who has and can attest to their effectiveness. I do like how he emphasized being careful with soy products as well as watching out for gmo's."

    please see the link below:

    I just wanted to add that if I were to encounter a problem that would keep me from being able to breastfeed, I would find a wet nurse or someone who would be willing to supply me with breastmilk for my baby. Also, omit honey (one of the recipes had honey). If she wants a vegan alternative for fish oil to provide DHA, there are supplements called neuromins which provide DHA from algae.”
    -Karimah King
    Ndigo Child Conception and Birth Support Services #347-618-9402


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      Eye git it. I hope that the Mama can benefit from my response post. Mama Karimah is a beautiful, knowledgeable Sister. Any Mama or Mama-to-be should contact her directly for wisdom/healing words. I would even recommend setting up a private meeting in this Site's "Black Chat" Room. Mama Karimah is one of Fawohodie Sua's instructors and many of us had the pleasure of gaining quite a bit of wisdom from this Sista's "THE ART OF ANCIENT MEDICINE" Class the last 2 sessions. Both the students AND their Parents, including me and Daughter, listened and learned intensely in her online class. She'll be back again for the Fall Semester also...YAYYYY!

      When I speak with her soon, I will ask her for further recommendations for organic, natural baby life-formula.
      One Afrikan Love Always.


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        You're a gem me nua!!!! Meda w'ase pa ara na aane o, I know you get it lol.

        Will check out the link (although I have to admit that the thought of homemade formula makes me pause... probably because of the few highly publicized cases where parents were prosecuted for their infant's deaths). I will also try to link Mama Karimah (a one to one chat here would take blacknificent to a whole other level).

        I, too, am very wary of soy formula. All the online info says soy is getting a bad rep and soy formulas are suitable. Yeah, whatever!