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16-Year-Old Fatally Shot By Police Outside Arkansas Juvenile Shelter

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  • 16-Year-Old Fatally Shot By Police Outside Arkansas Juvenile Shelter

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    Police launched a criminal investigation after a 16-year-old Black teen was shot and killed outside an Arkansas emergency shelter for juveniles.

    Members of two communities are searching for answers after a 16-year-old Black male was fatally gunned down by police.

    The teen, identified as Aries Clark, was shot by Marion, Arkansas, police on Tuesday outside of an emergency juvenile shelter, just 10 miles outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Officers reported to East Arkansas Youth Services around 7:08 p.m., prompting a message “moments later,” that the teen Clark was shot by police.

    Clark, a Memphis resident, succumbed to gunshot wounds after he was transported to a nearby hospital.

    Vicky Clark, the victim’s mother, said the family was at the center to find therapy option for Clark, a student at West Memphis High School.

    The Marion Police Department has not released any information regarding what led to the outcome. According to Little Rock outlet KATV, two officers have been placed on administrative leave, but their names have yet to be released. The department has launched a criminal investigation into the matter.

    In a statement obtained by KATV, the Department of Human Services issued a statement following the teen’s death, saying, “Our condolences go out to the family of the youth who died and our thoughts are with all involved.”

    Charise Frazier