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It takes more than a horrifying transatlantic voyage chained in the filthy hold of a slave ship to erase someone’s culture–Maya Angelou


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The Rise of White Supremacy Part Two

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  • The Rise of White Supremacy Part Two

    The Rise of White Supremacy
    Part Two

    With the rise of explorations taking place by Europeans into worlds
    known and unknown, it became increasingly clear to the intelligence
    and priesthood of Europe that there were people and civilizations
    superior to theirs in the world. They however had several advantages
    over these people and civilizations that they made contact with. They
    were ruthless, cunning, violent, deemed themselves to be superior and
    more so, actually believed themselves to be on a mission sanctioned
    by God Himself !

    The naiveness and natural humanity of the people they came into
    contact with left them as open prey to the strangers they had never
    seen before. The pre-existing civilizations were invaded by these new
    strangers who came with unparalleled violence, disease and weapons
    to rain down upon the new lands and people. As with their own
    people, Europeans saw these new civilizations and people as a people
    in need of "being saved by the Bible", of being enslaved and of being
    exterminated in some cases. The unknown world was about to be
    disrupted by a people who extended no humanity towards their own
    people and certainly would not be extending any to them.

    In fact, a whole new level of barbarity was about to unfold upon
    civilizations that were being viewed as primitive. With the people
    being viewed as savages, uncivilized, in need of being saved and most
    of all, who possessed the gold, silver, herbs and other natural
    resources that Europeans saw as theirs for the taking, wholesale
    slaughter was about to commence. This however was not the cement
    of "white supremacy". The cement that would really begin to mix
    together would not happen until the realization of the world actually
    became fully known.

    Before I continue with this writing there is something that needs
    to be said and understood for what it was. The majority of our
    people no nothing about "European History". I'm speaking
    about the history of Europeans while they were still exclusively in
    Europe. We know nothing of their internal conflicts, their
    struggle to survive in a land that was clearly hostile to and for
    them. We know nothing of the plagues that almost wiped them
    out as a people. We know nothing of the actual inhumanity that
    they suffered at the hands of their own people or the realities that
    forced them out into the unknown world. I simply want to state
    that : "Whatever evils they have done to Our People and all
    people, it is actually nothing more than an extension magnified
    of what they have done and were doing to their own people".

    Sadly, this that I speak of has been their reality ever since their
    existence...for they as a people have never known "peace time".
    There will never be world integration, nor should there
    each group of people have the right to exist and promote their
    existence as who they are without imposing on the survival of
    others to enhance themselves. In so saying this I want to end with
    the words of Dr. Chancellor Williams who states that; An
    understanding of history will reveal that the white race will
    forever be an enemy of Black People.

    By the time most of the European explorers had returned back to
    Europe, there was a realization dawning upon not only the
    priesthood but the intellectual powers that were shaping, molding
    and dictating the course of it's peoples...and the realization was this.
    Please be mindful, "I was not there but I know in my soul that this
    was the conversation that took place

    "Your highness, we have sailed to the far reaches of the world and
    have met many exotic peoples and been to lands unknown. We bear
    before you some of the treasures of those lands. I am sad to report
    that "no matter where we have gone we have met no other people as
    ourselves your highness

    Slowly it began to dawn upon the intellectuals of Europe that "they
    only existed in that small region of the earth that we now call Europe
    and that from a military perspective that they were in a vulnerable
    position". As I stated earlier, there was a lot going on in Europe at
    that time. They were rebelling against each other. They were rebelling
    against the Bible and the doctrines of the church. They were rebelling
    against the land serfs and taxes. They were at war with diseases that
    were wiping them out...and all the time that these things were taking
    place, there were always secret organizations and powers among them
    that were colonizing information and thinking on a larger basis.

    As time went on and due to the fact that Europeans as a whole were
    becoming literate, it became important for the powers among them to
    maintain what they themselves believed about themselves and what
    they had already started through religion. As such, they had to
    "control all information, images and anything that related to their
    philosophy of superiority, growth and survival. With this being the
    case at hand, they wrote history, law, education, religion, science and
    all else to reflect themselves with lies and a false greatness to keep the
    ball in motion that they had started.

    Even after fleeing and being expelled from Europe for various
    reasons, they entered other lands as if it belonged exclusively to
    them. Whatever doctrines that they did not have through religion or
    white supremacy, they created as they went along to justify their
    actions. "The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny" used in the United States
    was nothing more than an extension of white supremacy. According
    to the "US History Encyclopedia

    Manifest destiny was obviously a defense of what is now called Imperialism. It
    was a complex set of beliefs that incorporated a variety of ideas about race,
    religion, culture, and economic necessity. Some people, like the land speculators
    that settled in Florida, Texas, and Native American lands, wanted more land to
    get rich. Some fled poverty in Europe and eastern metropolitan centers. Some
    assumed that without spreading out to fresh lands the nation would languish. Some
    sought to perpetuate the institution of slavery by expanding it to new territories.
    Some believed that expansion into "uncivilized" regions would spread progress
    and democracy. It was convenient for all to think that they had the divine right to
    acquire and dominate because they had the proper economic system and the most
    developed culture and belonged to the most advanced race.

    As time would pass and Europeans became more knowledgeable and
    technologically advanced, white supremacy became a true science
    whereby they understood the importance of controlling the nine areas
    of people activity. These nine areas as laid out by Dr. Francis Cress
    Welsing are; economics, education, entertainment, labor, law,
    politics, religion, sex and war. This in essence means that they are
    controlling "what we see on television, in newspapers, magazines,
    advertisements and school books". The are controlling the laws that
    we govern ourselves by. They are controlling what we hear on radio,
    in music, on television and in talk shows. They are controlling all
    information that reaches our minds, our ears and our eyes as a means
    of influencing, directing and controlling human thought and behavior.

    The reality of White Supremacy is that it has set up systems that
    support and reinforce it as a structure. When we think about science,
    medicine, banks, real estate, school books, nutrition laws, fast food
    restaurants and an array of things that we take for granted, we are
    speaking about the "systemic realities of white supremacy" that keep
    it alive. If we fed it no energy what so ever it would still exist because
    they were devious enough to institutionalize it as a structure. We can
    not help but to feed it as long as we allow it to be the educators of
    our children and as long we continue to incorporate it into our
    consciousness and spirit through their Anti African/Black structured
    religions that we follow as if they are our own.

    Let me give a clear example of "controlled thought". A baby girl is
    born. The people bringing gifts will go out and by pink clothes for the
    baby girl because someone told us that "pink was for girls and blue
    was for boys". Pink is "nothing but a color". So who decided that
    this color was for girls and the other for boys? Who brainwashed us
    into those beliefs?, certainly nature didn't. The brainwashing is so
    complete that if we see a man wearing pink we start thinking strange
    things about him. Even better than that is the baby's mother being
    told "how good their hair is because it's straight or silky...meaning of
    course that it is not seen as being good if it is course or so called
    nappy". Why?, because we were conditioned to think consciously or
    subconsciously that any hair that is closer to white peoples hair is
    good hair.

    Women and men who consciously seek out a light skinned woman or
    man...who use skin lightening creams...who get plastic surgery to
    make their noses thinner...who fry up their hair...who bleach and
    blond up their hair...who shove blue and green contacts up in their
    eyes and who simply got to be in the company of white people for
    unknown reasons...are all people who have "white supremacy issues".
    Wherever we can find personal white supremacy issues, we can also
    find black inferiority or self hate issues, whether conscious or