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What Is White Supremacy and Does It Actually Exist?

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  • What Is White Supremacy and Does It Actually Exist?

    [COLOR="black"]Part One

    I want to begin this writing by making a few things clear to those of

    us who may be reading this. There is a big difference between racism,
    being prejudice and white supremacy. Many people are under the
    incorrect opinion that "if one does not like someone because of their
    race or ethnicity that, that is called "racism." Because of this
    incorrect opinion I have often heard black people refer to other black
    people as being racist. Once we clearly understand the difference we
    will equally understand that no Black/African person could ever be a
    People have often asked me which one came first...was it racism or
    white supremacy. The truth of the matter is that "scientific and social
    racism" came first and next was white supremacy as a systemic
    reality. Before we venture any further, let us go to the source of the
    word and definition as created by the very people responsible for this

    Let us turn to “The Oxford Companion To The English Language”
    for a better definition of this word so that we have some clarity. Mind
    you, this is not the definition of black people, but of the highest
    authority of White people. It is as follows:

    1. The word Racism is of European origin. French.
    2. Although often presented as scientific, especially in the wake of
    Darwinism, such a theory serves to buttress the assumption that one’s
    own race is superior to all others. It may follow from this that one’s
    own race therefore has, among other things, the right to control (and,
    when deemed necessary, enslave and even exterminate) people of
    races that are taken to be inferior or undesirable. It was used to
    justify European expansion and taken to extremes by the Nazis
    during world war two and continues to underpin the concept of white

    Now that we have read the definition of racism according to the white
    people who not only created the concept but the word itself, we would
    be foolish to call them liars. Let us take this a little further to see if
    we can locate an individual in relationship to this issue.

    Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau (1816 – 1882), to use his full name
    and title, has been called the "father of racism." Gobineau published
    his major work, Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races, in four
    volumes from 1853 to 1855. Gobineau divided all men into three
    races: black, white, and yellow whereby he put whites at the top. The
    following is Gobineau's classification of the races.

    How Races Differ

    Blacks, wrote Gobineau, are dull-witted and have strong, crude
    feelings. They do not care what they eat, since they consider all food
    good. The “prognathous Negro” (a phrase Gobineau liked —
    “prognathous” means having a jaw that juts forward) is at the same
    time capricious in his feelings, and “kills willingly, for the sake of
    killing.” Blacks are incapable of civilization: “Ages have passed
    without their doing anything to improve their conditions.”

    Gobineau describes the yellow race as “the exact opposite” of the

    “He commits none of the strange excesses common among Negroes.
    His desires are feeble, his will-power rather obstinate than violent; his
    longing for material pleasures, though constant, is kept within
    bounds. A rare glutton by nature, he shows far more discrimination
    in his choice of food.”

    The Asian has a respect for order but “he does not dream or theorize;
    he invents little, but can appreciate and take over what is useful to
    him.” Gobineau says the yellow races are the perfect middle class; one
    could not have better, more useful masses. However, he writes, “no
    civilized society could be created by them; they could not supply its
    nerve force, or set in motion the springs of beauty and action.”
    Conversion to Christianity still
    leaves them “eating whale blubber.”

    It is whites who build civilizations because of their “ of liberty”
    and their restless will to create and govern. They have an
    “extraordinary attachment to life. They know how to use it and so, it
    would seem, set a greater price on it …” Gobineau believed whites are
    more sparing of the lives of others. “When they are cruel, they are
    conscious of their cruelty; it is very doubtful whether such a
    consciousness exists in the Negro.”

    Gobineau believed that whites are uniquely preoccupied with honor,
    and are the only race that shows true physical beauty. They are also
    the source of all civilization: “Everything great, noble and fruitful in
    the works of man on this earth … belongs to one family alone, the
    different branches of which have reigned in all the civilized countries
    of the universe.” Gobineau claimed that even Chinese civilization
    arose when whites migrated east from India. For him, the category
    that cannot rise above the primitive stage “includes the vast majority
    of the pure-blooded yellow and black races.”

    As we can see, it has been the so called white intellectual, social
    scientist and respected men of white society that have come up with
    this crazy nonsense which became accepted because they had a Ph.d
    behind their names or because of their social and political influence.
    As such, much of what they wrote became for white people a
    "scientific fact" and as such, must be true. With the "white race being
    placed at the top of the human spectrum" it of course led to the
    concept of "White Supremacy" because they were deemed as a race
    to be more honorable, the only creators of civilization, intelligent,
    humane, great and of course, noble with true physical beauty.

    Scientific and social racism would become the foundation for
    scientific and systemic "white supremacy". Outside of Gobineau's
    writings (1816-1882), there were others such as ;
    Vitruvius (70-25 b.c)
    Hippocrates (460-370 b.c.)
    Aristotle (384-322 b.c.)
    Henri Boulainvilliers (1658-1722)
    Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778)
    Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)
    Johann Blumenbach (1752-1840)
    Fredrich Hegel (1770-1831)
    Johann Herder (1774-1803)
    Edward Long (1774)
    Auguste Comte (1798-1857)
    Josiah Nott (1804-1873)
    Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
    Vacher de Lapouge (1854-1936)

    This list is by no means complete and it would blow your minds to
    actually know how extensive it really is. These writers were
    philosophers, doctors, scientist, ministers, lawyers, senators,
    anthropologist, teachers, businessmen and everything else that a
    society of white people would look at as being credible and
    authorities in what they wrote...and so we can easily see how a
    conscious and subconscious mind-set among white people was not
    only put in place but would become passed down from one
    generation to another. As we explore the concept of White Supremacy
    which is the cement of scientific and social racism, we will begin to
    further understand why no Black/African person can be a racist. As
    we can see, according to the definition above, racism like white
    supremacy takes "POWER" to bring into being...for with it they have

    "the right to control (and, when deemed necessary, enslave and even
    exterminate) people of races that are taken to be inferior or
    undesirable."; according to their own definition.

    Now what Black/African people do you know that has that type of
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