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ABIBIFAHODIE! Nubian family and to our newest members. Our mobile chat is back up and running if you would like to Communicate one on one you can.

The green image at the bottom right of the site for the mobile devices is what you looking for just tap the image.

Thanks to everyone support and patience.

Everyone have a peaceful and productive day!
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Hate is easy

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  • Hate is easy

    The problem with too much hate is that eventually there is nothing in the world left to , including yourself. Its starts of with logical choices: You hate the White man for many legitimate reason, but then you hate the Bible because you said the White man used it against you. You then hate religion in general because that is a system of control, and the slave master used that also. You hate English, Spanish and Arabic because that came with the package. You hate modernity because that is what they used your ancestors sweat for.And then you hate West Africa because they helped enslave you, and by that same argument you hate Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia because they helped the Arabs procure captives, and naturally you hate the Arabs and 'their" Islam. But be sure to remember Malcolm X and a whole heap of revolutionaries were/are Muslim, and the remainder are Christian, but you forgot that in your fit of hate. Then you realize the African Traditional Religions were used to justify your sale--so by that logic you must hate them to. You hate the Asante and the Yoruba, the Fulani and the Wolof for participating in the trade--actually you just hate the continental Africans for "selling you to the slave master." You hate everything that money touches--including business. You hate socialism because whites used that, you hate reading and education, laws and structure, society and conformity. You fly over to America and you realize that your own people compromised with the slave master especially the light skin ones, so you hate them to. You realize the wealthy ones compromised so now you add them to the list. You hate the leadership for selling liberation short, you hate the educated African for "wanting to be white", you hate King, you hate Elijah Muhammad, you hate Farrakhan, you hate Karenga because of the Black Panthers, and you hate the person that just told you all of this.What is left??

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    This is why I tell people that hate is the only weapon designed to kill the one that wields it. It's a suicide machine.


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      This is why I tell people that hate is the only weapon designed to kill the one that wields it. It's a suicide machine.
      I totally agree Brother Michael.