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Solutions to build a black community

Solutions to build a Black Community!


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“African spirituality” emerging as a new pseudo denomination ultimately an extension of Eurocentric exoticifcation of Africa. We see the loose generalization...

Africa’s History did not start with Slavery

It takes more than a horrifying transatlantic voyage chained in the filthy hold of a slave ship to erase someone’s culture–Maya Angelou


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Solutions for the African American community to move forward in the future

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  • Solutions for the African American community to move forward in the future

    1. Solution We must start creating think tanks in our Community's.

    2. Solution We must be stablished Eldership and Young leadership in our communities. We must restore a position of prestige to our seniors where they can pass
    the best of our history to us, and help guide us through this storm. No race can survive without tapping into the wisdom of its elders. Young men for war, old men for guidance. Young men don’t get to be old without guidance. Our community mothers must teach our young ladies how to be women—not hoes, not b*tches, not rumpshakers, not shooters—women. We need the guidance of our elders.

    3.Solution Education Take our children out of public schools, if they cannot be properly educated.
    If we haven’t figured out that public education is “dumbing-down” our children, we will never
    figure it out. I know this is controversial, but for as long as public education is broken, it is the biggest contributor to black adult illiteracy (now over 50% in some parts of the country) and the marginalization of black employment. Like 50 years ago, poor education is now our biggest threat.

    4.Solution Economic Empowerment Practice sound economics to lift our communities. Economics is not

    arithmetic. “Buy black” days and five dollar a month checking accounts will not build wealth in our communities. Massive wealth building strategies, like the Rule of 72, or REIT investment circles that double your money in 4.2 years, are the only solutions that will allow us to keep up with rising costs in housing and business start-up markets. Blacks must learn to live on 50% to 70% of what they earn, and save the rest. Looking good and being broke went out with platform shoes and jeri curls. Econo-practicality that emphasizes saving will close the racial wealth gap. Consumer mentality on quickly depreciable assets (cars, clothes, some jewelry) keeps us poor. Give it up.
    Pull your money out of banks that do not lend it back to you, pure and

    simple. Banks are strangulating our communities, taking money in but not letting it out, unless it’s in another community. Lending practices are highly questionable and we need to hold banks in our community accountable. We cannot allow economic redlining to persist, as leverage builds wealth. These are the first ten solutions to the most common (and complex) collective problems
    in our community. : By Anthony Asadullah Samad

    5.Solution Stop making excuses for why we can’t do anything “as a people.” Because
    past efforts failed, doesn’t mean future efforts can’t succeed. Nobody is going to save Black America, but Black America. If we don’t believe we can do it, nobody else will. Let’s “just do it.”

    6. Solution Admit that most black people need some kind of counseling to exorcise

    themselves from the demons that centuries of racial hate (white on black and black on black) has produced. Black America has serious self-esteem problems that, even when we succeed, cause many of us to hate each other and separate from the condition of the masses of our people. We can’t run from each other, and help each other at the same time. Nor can we ignore the condition of the masses. Nor can we wash the black off. None of us can escape the condition of the least of us.

    Stop hatin’ on each other. Jealousy keeps us suspicious of each other, and
    envy is the mother of murder. Self-hate is environment under which our enemy operates, and confuses us to who our real enemy is. As long as black people are hatin’ and killing on each other, we cannot see the enemy from without due to the confusion caused by the enemy within.

    7. The Black Family's It is time for black men and black women to call a truce. All black men are

    not triflin’ and all black women are not mean and evil. The dysfunction of the family that now has the new “black family” being 59% single female-headed households stems from the dysfunction of the black male-female relationship. The black community has lost its balance because the black family has lost its balance. We have to restore the black family unit where both men and women are present. Black relationships don’t have to be traditional to be balanced, but every household must be covered. Whether they are men-women, gay-lesbian, man-sharing, women-sharing, whatever they are, black men and women cannot raise a community distrusting/fighting each other.

    8. Find a way to make a difference. Not just by writing a check, or having your
    job buy a table to the local black organization chicken dinner. Give time, money and resources to, at least, one activity or organization that is really making a difference. We can feed a child for a day, or teach a child to fish where they can feed themselves for life. The state of our communities are what they are because not enough of us do our part. If we spend as much time helping people as we spend fighting for positions of recognition in our social organizations, all our problems would be solved. It’s time to end tokenism. Each one, reach one, teach one, then save one. That’s what we used to do. If all of us just saved one…we could save them all. It’s better to be heard in private than to be seen in public.

    9. We must become a community that raises our children again. We can’t
    leave it to just the child’s parent. When we see children do wrong, the community must correct them in the absence of their parents. Parents must give permission for the community to correct their child. And when their parents don’t know right from wrong, the community must embrace the fatherless and motherless child. “It takes a village to raise a child” must become more than a saying.

    By Anthony Samad