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Religion Crimes: Evil in The Name Of Jesus, in the Congo

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  • Religion Crimes: Evil in The Name Of Jesus, in the Congo

    I put this video here in "The Process of Healing" because the contents of the video is gravely disturbing and is in drastic need of "healing". If the healing must take place, I feel that the healing must take place with our people first, so that we can be of an assistance to our people abroad. These horrible religious maniacs and their anti spiritualist culprits are wreaking havoc on our motherland. The practices presented here are just a few results of a crippling religious dynamic that has undermined the true African cultural expressions that our people exemplified before they ever knew or heard of a person named Jesus.


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    This is terrible! My heart goes out to these children. Their parents need to be locked up for child abuse. I tell religion is a hell of a drug.


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      I can't say what I really want to because it would be unbecoming of a moderator. But I bet you get my drift.
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        Yeah, I know exactly what you mean bro. This decedent religious tom foolery gets two shots from the AK47


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          LOL!!! Sahu must you be so violent!!!!!


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            Well this is heart breaking. Our people are into deep in the religión of their oppressor.
            You have to remember and understand the torture and brainwash that went on in order for the African to accept this religión. They took on their oppressor behavior. They show no mercy to whomever go against it. They are ashamed of their own belied system they see it as evil and demonic.This is horrible in order for us to move forward a lot of this ppl need to be put out of their misery they will not see the truth and they will kill our future.
            You cant go to Africa and denounce Jesús they will kill you that is a fact.


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              Brother Sahu I totally agree with you this is work in progress for our people.