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Hebrew pharaohs and the true identification of the biblical patriarchs

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  • Hebrew pharaohs and the true identification of the biblical patriarchs

    C.E.391 was a terrible year for the world. It was in that year that the Roman-appointed Bishop Theophilus destroyed the Serapeum, which had been the centre of Egyptian worship for seven centuries as well as burned the Alexandrian library to the ground which was connected to it. Bishop Theophilus was responsible for the destruction and burning of the Alexandrian library, where hundreds of thousands of papyrus rolls and parchments, inscribed with ancient wisdom and knowledge, were taken off their shelves, torn to pieces and thrown on to bonfires.

    A few years later the last of the Alexandrian scholars was torn to pieces by a gang of Christian monks. On a Lenten day in March of the year C.E. 415 they stopped the carriage of Hypatia, who had succeeded her father as Professor of Philosophy in Alexandria, stripped her naked, dragged her into a nearby church, killed her, cut most of her flesh from her body with sharp oyster shells, and burned what remained of her in the street. The charge against Hypatia, who had taught the philosophy of Plato, was heresy. As a result of this barbaric killing of Alexandrian scholars and destruction of its library, which contained texts in Greek of all aspects of ancient wisdom and knowledge, the true Egyptian roots of Judeo- Christianity and of Western civilization have been obscured for nearly 16 centuries.

    Answer for yourself: What was so important that it needed to be eradicated in the minds of Rome?

    Rome had a world to run and a religion to build that was to be the "glue" that held their empire and political and military aspirations together. Knowledge contained in this library dealing with Egyptian history and religion was deemed too explosive and damaging to the plans of Rome and efforts were make to eradicate it from the face of the planet. Rome had to position itself as the glory and savior of the world and knowledge that this distinction belonged to Egypt was counter productive to their plan of world domination. The burning and destruction of the Alexandrian library was an attempt to hide the truth of the Egyptian origins for Judeo-Christianity. In so doing Rome was hiding the fact that the true authors of Greek philosophy were not the Greeks, but the people of North Africa, commonly called the Egyptians; and the praise and honor falsely given to the Greeks and later Romans for centuries belong rightfully to the people of North Africa, and therefore to the African Continent. Consequently, the theft of the African legacy by the Greeks led to the erroneous world opinion that the African Continent has made no contribution to civilization, and that its people are naturally backward. This is the misrepresentation that has become the basis of racial prejudice, which has affected all people of color.

    Such knowledge revealed that "all roads don't lead to Rome...but to Alexandria, Memphis, Heliopolis, Hermopolis, and Thebes. Only through the exhaustive efforts of archeologists and historians today are we able to restore this information to the world and in so doing Judaism and Christianity and much of the history of both faiths lay exposed as frauds for behind them both lie the truth about the Egyptian origins for the religion of Judaism and Christianity.

    Answer for yourself: Are you aware that:

    * The stories of both the Old and the New Testaments are firmly established on models of Ancient Egyptian historical fact?
    * The essential religious doctrines that Judaism and Christianity are credited with, in fact came out of Egypt and their religion which came from the observation of the Cosmos?
    * All the central characters of both the Old Testament and the New Testament were once actually real historical Egyptian figures, who lived in a different period than we have believed up till now due to the corruption of the Old Testament chronology and texts?
    * The Biblical Patriarchs and Kings of Israel are not Jews but Egyptian Pharaohs?
    * The first Israelites were mixtures of Egyptians and Hebrew followers of Pharaoh Akhenaten, whose attempts to introduce monotheism into Egypt engendered rage among the religious establishment leading to the Exodus and that this is the true identity of the "mixed multitude" we read about in the Book of Exodus?
    * After entering Canaan, the Egyptian followers of Akhenaten/Moses along with Hebrews who accompanied him in this Exodus formed military alliances with local Canaanite kings and with some of the Greek invaders and Sea Peoples and this nontribal alliance of small kingdoms and city-states became biblical Israel?
    * The Messianic idea is Egyptian and is uniquely tied to a "sacrificed Savior" who died hung on a "tree" at Sinai by the name Tutankhamun...the son of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten/Moses/?
    * That Tutankhamun is in the Biblical text referred to "Joshua" which also is called "Jesus"?
    * That the events of Tutankhamun's death, later mixed with Egyptian astrotheology, provide the historical and mythical background for the later myths around "crucified saviors" that eventually end up with the crucifixion of the Jesus of the New Testament?

    Wow...that is a lot to know that I bet we did not know all of this up to now. The puzzle pieces surrounding the Jesus of the New Testament are finally coming together the more we learn of Egyptian history and the astrotheology of their Religion. Bet Emet has devoted much time and space examining the roots of the astrotheology behind the "Christ myth" and it time we now research the historical "Karast/Christ" at the heart of Egyptian religion. But it is for us to prove such things and not just announce them.

    I find it very sad that Western scholars, whether Christian, Jewish or Atheist, tend to ignore Egyptian views when interpreting the accounts of ancient history. Sadly Christians scholars and Christian Egyptologists have made the fatal mistake of trying to place Egypt into Biblical history instead of placing the Bible into Egyptian history where it fits like a g. Egypt is overlooked by