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ABIBIFAHODIE! Nubian family and to our newest members. Our mobile chat is back up and running if you would like to Communicate one on one you can.

The green image at the bottom right of the site for the mobile devices is what you looking for just tap the image.

Thanks to everyone support and patience.

Everyone have a peaceful and productive day!
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"Transformations In Time"

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  • "Transformations In Time"

    "Transformations In Time"

    "Nubians Studied,Honored And Identified Eternal Celestial Principles And Internalized Them,

    The Kematians Cultivated,Elaborated,And Expanded On Those Principles And Agrandized It,

    The Habirus(Hebrews) Were Influenced By And Took These Agrandized Principles And Codified Them Into A Religion,

    The Greeks Later Took This Hebraic Religion And Hellenized(Philosophied) It,

    The Romans Took The Hellenized(Philosophied) Version And Romanticized It,

    Then The Germanics Took All These Versions And Anglicized It,

    The Arabs Later Took The Hebraic,Hellenized(Philosophied),Romanticized,Germ anics Versions And Islamized It,

    And Lastly The British Took These Anglicized Versions And Evangelized Them."

    KRMTA818APDMAK- December 21,2012

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    Truly appreciate the information beautiful post brother thank you.