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Guinea Government Confirms That Two People Have Died From Ebola

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  • Guinea Government Confirms That Two People Have Died From Ebola

    Two members of the same family have died from Ebola in Guinea. It's the first re-emergence of the virus in the West African country since the outbreak was declared over last December.

    The two cases emerged from the a family from Koropara in the southern region of N'Zerekore, roughly 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) southeast of Guinea's capital, Conakry.

    The two bodies, belonging to a man and a woman, tested positive for Ebola months after the outbreak had been declared over in the West African country, and mere hours after neighboring Sierra Leone had announced the end of the recent flare-up of the virus there. The Agence France news agency said that the two deceased patients were a married couple who had both shown Ebola symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

    Test samples from the two patients "revealed the presence of the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus," the government said in a statement.

    "For now, we have two confirmed cases and three suspected cases," it added.

    Re-emergence of Ebola

    Ibrahima Sylla, a spokesman for the national coordination for the fight against Ebola said that there were three further probable cases, stressing that authorities were taking appropriate measures to contain the spread of the virus. Guinea was originally declared free from Ebola on December 29, 2015.

    The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history has killed more than 11,300 people, mostly in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak over on January 14 when Liberia became the last of the three countries to have ended transmissions.

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    Thank you for keeping us informed my Sister about the issues and concerns in the Motherland we have to keep in mind that the genocide on our people is global.


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      Afrakan Liberation my family the reason for me liking this post is because like brother Wiser we got to understand what's going on globally with the idea of the genocides of Afriakan people.

      This is a continual reminder that we as a people Unite and fight against this genocide!!


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        Yes brothers the war against us is global… its a war against Afrikan people and since Afrikan people are all over the world the war is all over the world. I shared this:
        1) to keep the family informed, and
        2) to remind us that we have to keep track on OUR news items, not just when the mainstream media shines the spotlight on it.

        There's so much going on in the Afrikan world that we won't know about if we only get our news from CNN and MSNBC etc.