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Do the facts of the Michael Brown shooting matter?

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  • Do the facts of the Michael Brown shooting matter?

    Police rush in to break up protesters outside the Ferguson Police Station in Ferguson, Missouri, USA, November 20 2014. People wait for the grand jury verdict over the police slaying of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. EPA/LARRY W. SMITH
    With a decision from the Michael Brown case grand jury expected any day, the question of what actually happened during the shooting seems to be receding into the background, replaced by the symbolism and political narrative.* This was the point I was making several days ago, when I ended a post about the case with the line that “sadly, it appears that the facts are not really of interest to at least some of Michael Brown’s supporters.”* A number commenters criticized me for failing to offer proof of this point.* But with every passing day, it is becoming clearer and clearer that many people have already confidently made up their minds about what the (still-secret) grand jury evidence really shows.

    Sunday’s Washington Post had a short article about Ferguson “bracing for the aftershock” of the grand jury announcement, which contained at least four examples of Michael Brown’s supporters who have already decided that Officer Darren Wilson criminally gunned down Michael Brown:

    Unidentified “protest leaders” have said that once the grand jury announcement is made, they will send a blast text message to a list of 16,000 subscribers — mobilizing them into action across the country.
    The Rev. Tommie Pierson, pastor of Greater St. Mark Family Church, said if the grand jury does not indict Wilson, “I think [the community] will feel like it’s open season on young black men.* You will see an outburst of protest.”
    Lou Downey, a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party advocating a turbulent version of nonviolence and civil disobedience in Ferguson, said, “If Darren Wilson walks, America must be brought to a halt.* That means no business as usual. It means blocking streets and walking out of schools. It means we refuse to accept this.”
    One unidentified individual was wearing a mask and utilizing a bullhorn with a siren on it, yelling profanities that included that he wanted Ferguson Police Officer Wilson “dead.’”

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    My question is what is the long-term plan if the verdict is not in the best interest for brother Mike Brown's family and the protesters do we have a long term plan outside of marching?


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      It's done. No indictment. This was sin.


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        Greetings Brother Michael what I'm going to say is something you don't know already this country was built on sin therefore this is nothing new as always until we as a people realize that unity among us is powerful then we don't stand a chance in this country we must start realizing that we need to pull our resources together we know as people we need to start creating our own business's educate ourselves on economics and show more in ourselves.