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European Assimilation/ Integration of Black People and our Story in World History

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  • European Assimilation/ Integration of Black People and our Story in World History

    February 14, 2014 at 4:46pm
    Who am I ? Who are you ? A simple question with a long history and complicated mis-understanding to what these Europeans/Colonialists and those whose minds they colonized, taught me and you .
    First of all we are all Nubians/Kushites , I am speaking directly to the so called " African" and " East Indians" especially. Your identity was not "East indian" neither African" before Europeans captured and still enslaving us both physically,mentally and spiritually with that.
    We were taken/kidnapped away from our homes by different means but for certain reasons especially to become slaves in a Society made for Slavery and Integration into these Western Societies. They the European man and woman known as the " Yurugu" by Dr Marimba Ani , took over the Indus/Kush Valley (Eastern Ethiopia) and the Nile Valley also known as the Kush Region . They stole our Culture,Identity and changed our Morals among the many things like our mentality,lands especially after Plagiarizing everything they learnt from our Ancients Civilizations.
    Let us begin with one of the oldest hijacking of a Civilization/Nation known as the Indus Valley also known as Indus Kush, these Europeans known as the Aryans they came in from Iran also known as " The Land of the Aryans" and the Caucus Regions. They came in as Barbarians and was and still is up to this day remains Barbarians as we can see in their Mis-conduct around the World , as I quote Dr Martin Luther's Appeal published by the United Nations in the year 1982 for the International Year of Mobilization for Sanctions against South Africa, the Appeal was made in the year 1965 in New York by Dr King which is topical still, Quote :

    " Africa has been depicted for more than a century as the home of black cannibals and ignorant primitives. Despite volumes of facts/evidence controverting this picture,the sterotype persists in books,motion pictures and other media of communications.
    Afica does have spectacular savages and brutes today, but they are not Black. They are the Sophisticated white rulers. "

    The Europeans came into our then was welcome to reside with our Ancestors/Forefathers and Mothers and was taught our ways/customs/traditions for many years. Upon staying they Plagiarized our Ancient Civilization. Later on due to their mutation by Nature which made them Beasts they took over the Land called the Indus Valley Civilization calling/renaming it afterwards as India,Pakistan and surrounding environs by various new names.
    Upon invasions of these Lands and Communities once owned by our Black/Nubian Ancestors, these invaders known as the Aryans ,Plagiarized a religion/tradition naming it Hinduism also they Plagiarized the language there known as Hindi for a move towards Integrating/transforming our people and Ancestors towards a new nation by means of integration/assimilation systems to mis-educate us about ourselves,Roots and Heritage by teaching us what they want us to know and what we should not know/forget, for a sole purpose of "Neo-Colonial-Nationalism."
    4000 years ago as old as the Hindu Mythology and Language of Hindi, is how long these people has been integrating the Black Untouchables/Dravidians od India at home and abroad wherever the system of Apartheid/Hinduism exists. All who they kept under them for Slavery/Capitalism is left alienated,raped,abused,mudered and kept in Political/Cultural confusion and now also a mental loss of their Legacy,History,Culture and traditions .
    The Nile Valley Civilization also has been through the same Genocidal and Menticidal mess approximately 3500 years now . The same Europeans/Caucasians/Aryans also invaded Kemet later on known as "Ancient Egypt" Dynasties. They were allowed to stay in the land and was taught all the Traditions , Language and Culture. They stayed for almost over 450 years before they betrayed our Ancient Ancestors of Kemet and took over our Lands and Culture while placing us in Slavery in our own lands, with the help of their children the Greeks and Arabians who alreddy had the same mentality as them. Here in Kemet they learned the first/foundations of Christianity and Judeo Christianity and all Abrahamaic doctrines including Islam. There in Kemet the " Holy Trinity" which was originally known as Ausar,Auset and Heru , representing the Black father,Black Mother and Child was then Plagiarized and mis-translated to be the "Greek Civilization and Religion , changing the Ttrinity to Osiris,isis and Horus with the creation of an Idol diety named Serapis Christus.
    They erected a Temple later on and called themselves i.e. the worshippers of Serapis , " The Bishops of Christ otherwise known as Christians," the name of the Temple/Church is called the Alexandrian Coptic Church. A while later on while our Black/Nubian Ancestorswas placed into slavery, they killed the braves and all who resisted their mental and physical slavery or Integration/Assimilation systems.
    A man named Arius a Black man, who went against their Lies and Plagiarisms also their False diety named Serapis was banned/outlawed because they said he preached heresy. What Arius was banned for really is exposing the false diety/idol named Serapis Christus and the Lies and Plagiarisms these conquerors/colonizers was indoctrinating our people with. Even this man's effort did not stop their Plagiarisms,Lies and trickery. They by force made Priests to translate/plagiarize our Ancient History,Formulae,Culture and Spiritual texts from our Heiroglyph papyrii Scrolls written originally in Medu Neter (later on renamed as Heiroglyphs) to their Greek Language and Texts . n.b. Serapis is the former name for " Jesus".
    One of the main Texts is the Pentatuch also known as the Septuagint. They Plagiarized our Historical Ancestors History and Spiritual Order to form their false Legacy and Characters in their Texts as they went along mixing Fact with Folklore. The Pentatuch is known as the 5 books of so called "Moses" which is used by the Europeans and offsprings as their "Old Testament" especially in their offsprings religious text/doctrine known as the English bible,Jewish Torah and Arabic Quran which all which was mentioned above are "Abrahic Allegories/Mythologies.
    The purpose of these new "western" religions and "Abrahamic" Allegories is to conquer the minds of the people who lived under their conquerors under Order/Controll by teaching them fear of Religion and Oppressor as these oppressors placed themselves in their religions on top or to be rulers over those whose minds they wanted
    to rule ans automatically the Lands and its Resources they conquered by their "Divide and Rule Schemes." (you can check out Machavelli's Divide and rule Scheme for more insight )
    In "Abrahamic" religions they indoctrinate Black People by telling us we were cursed due to a Mythical Character named " Ham" who was the son of "Noah" who was cursed because he saw " Noah" Drunk with wine and naked . In that Allegory " Noah" cursed the Black Descendants called the "Canaanites " who were the children of "Ham"/Black Nation and to be slaves under the Arabs known as "Shem"/Shemites and both decendants of "Ham" and "Shem" to be slaves under "Japheth" who are White people and their decendants.
    in Hinduism the same Caste/racial System was made by the same oppressors the Whites and thier children the Indo-Aryans at an earlier time History.the religious texts,used is the Vedas and Bhagvad Gita. Placing Whites known as Brahmins who are the children of Brahma a diety in Hindu Mythology to rule over the majority of Black people known in India as the Black Untouchables or the Drravidians since the Aryans/Europeans and Indo-Aryans Plagiarzed their Doctrines of Hinduism to rule over the Black People of the Indus Valley Kush Region

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    Raymond Ingraham Sorry it took so long getting back to you brother I read this great article which I read (3) times I wad distracted several times and forgot to get back to you did not want you yo think I was ignoring you anyway I've been meaning to ask you something...See More
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    Kwame Ausar Su-Nil the ancient Nubians referred to their land as "Kash" of which the name "Kush" has descended.the bible has adifferent name its spelt as cush there which they twisted ourstory , the dravidians and harrapans is however nubians from whom they decended from
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    Kwame Ausar Su-Nil check this :
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    Corey'Loves Jotasha Taylor Ase'
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    Raymond Ingraham Ashe' Bro.Singh haven't lost a beat!
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    Kwame Ausar Su-Nil i wrote this while i was in prison
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    Terefe-Kassa Earna Very interesting post on the Dravidians. I was amazed when I visited India at how very dark some Indians were. I thought then, these people must have some African blood running through Their veins. Little did i know close to the truth I was.
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    Kwame Ausar Su-Nil Akeba Mitchell
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    Akeba Mitchell Authencity! Roots!
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