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8 Things You Should Know About Minister Louis Farrakhan

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  • 8 Things You Should Know About Minister Louis Farrakhan

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ID:	8688Minister Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. is one of the most important leaders in the black community.Though he is demonized in the media for his unfiltered messages, he is embraced by the Black community for restoring the Black family and being a fearless voice for the silenced. His contributions range from the Million Man March to saving a powerful organization that has made troubled men into local, national, and international leaders. In an era when being a Black leader has grown increasingly unpopular, he continues to dedicate much of his life, energy, and legacy to dismantling the plight of the African-American community.
    Here are eight facts about Minster Farrakhan that you should know:
    8. He was born Louis Eugene Wolcott. Once he joined the Nation of Islamd (NOI), he renounced the name that was given by his “white slave owner.” He became Louis X, eventually changing his name to Louis Farrakhan Muhammad. Farrakhan means “The Criterion” in Arabic.

    7. He saved the Nation of Islam from financial ruin. After the death of its prominent leader, Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam was no longer active. In 1981, Farrakhan revitalized the organization opening over 130 mosques around the world.
    6. He’s a college dropout. After three full years of college, Farrakhan dropped out. His wife Khadijah Farrakhan started to experience complications during her first pregnancy, which led him to choose family over school.
    5. He is a master violinist. In the 1950s, he started his music career. He was touring, headlining, and recording as an artist named “Calypso Gene.” Farrakhan gained popularity in this realm. One of his songs lived on the top 100 chart for five consecutive years. After his conversion to Islam, he didn’t touch the instrument for several decades, as Elijah Muhammad required all musicians to choose between music or their involvement in the NOI.
    4. It only took him nine months to become a respected leader in the NOI. He was attending Temple of Islam in Boston where Malcolm X was the presiding minister.
    3. He has fought rumors for decades about his involvement in Malcolm X’s assassination. During an interview with one of Malcolm X’s daughter, he denied involvement in the leader’s assassination but admitted that his sermons may have “helped create the atmosphere” for the violent killing. Many people have used this quote to justify a submission of guilt; however, the government has never considered Min. Farrakhan to be a suspect in the death of Malcolm X.
    2. In recent years, he has had a few health scares. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he successfully beat it. However, years later, due to the radiation treatment he developed a peptic ulcer in his stomach, but he pulled through this as well. In Dec 2013, his representatives announced that he was recovering from a heart attack.
    1. He was the only black leader to organize and successfully execute one of America’s largest political demonstrations. The Million Man March signified African-American family, equality, and unity. There was estimated between 500,000-1.1 million black people in attendance.