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Cultural Retention Through Nyansaseem (Proverbs)

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  • Cultural Retention Through Nyansaseem (Proverbs)

    Greetings everyone,

    Would appreci your thoughts and contributions to this...

    I studying proverbs! The wise words from our ancestors' millennia of wisdom, tried and true, experience based innerstanding of how to act, think, speak, interact with others, with nature kwk is one of the most powerful resources we have in reAfrikanization (imo). I the learning process understanding proverbs requires...that its not simply read a line a or two and BAM you're wise, but that truly getting the wisdom of the proverbs takes time, experience and effort (in thinking/meditation on the meaning). In studying proverbs, I've collected hundreds from various groups on the continent but recently decided to collect and study the proverbs we have here in Antigua & Barbuda. Today, I came across an A&B proverb that stopped me alive in my tracks. The proverb says...

    when you hab de debbil to deal with, feed he wid wan long spoon.
    (when you have the devil to deal with, feel him with a long spoon)

    Why did this proverb stop me alive in my tracks? Because I'd read basically that same proverb in studying Igbo proverbs. The Igbo of Nigeria say...

    when you are eating with the devil, you must use a long spoon

    Clearly our A&B ancestors from Igboland kept this proverb alive when they came here. This got me thinking of other similar examples of African cultural retentions in the diaspora through proverbs. I'm searching the 100+ A&B proverbs I've found so far and trying to link them with continental proverbs and would for you all to share examples of such retentions throughout the diaspora.

    Much apprecid!


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    Wow me Nua! Studying/Comparing Afri-culturo retentions via Proverbs in your birth-land of Antigua (and elsewhere) is such a worthwhile and useful endeavor!! Ever since you started routinely posting your proverbs on the web, I have definitely noticed your recent trend of posting proverbs from our island Family members. They are power-packed with wisdom, but some analysis is absolutely necessary. To have you posting, translating and providing the key lesson of these proverbs is INVALUABLE FOR US (all who care to listen & learn). You and Jegna Baruti are the leading Proverb Disseminators on the web in my opinion. ...A book for the YOUTH of Proverbs/Wisdom with Kuumba illustrations would be TRULY NICE-


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      Meda ase ɛna Njideka.

      Would to learn the proverbs our family in the USA have. A book of global Afrikan proverbs would truly be a positive addition to our children's learning arsenal.


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        "A book of global Afrikan proverbs"....Agreed. Would you mind posting your Proverbs at this Site's Shoutbox as often as possible?I/We could receive the lesson/message so much clearer here.


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          I will, once I know what the shoutbox is. You know ya sis is lil slow k so you gotta help me out lol.


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            Cultural Retention Through Nyansaseem (Proverbs)

            Lol! The road to the Shout box:
            1. go to forum
            2. click in the square (chat)box on left side of page
            That's the Shout box. Of course by now, you probably have found it. Htp.


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              meda ase me nua. Bro Tariq explained what and where it is :)


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                Piti piti zwazo fè nich.
                Little by little the bird makes his nest.
                from Ayiti


                Nkrakrankrakra akokO benum nsuo
                Little by little the chicken drinks water
                from Ghana (Akan)