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Afrakan Culture in the Caribbean - Antigua & Barbuda

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  • Afrakan Culture in the Caribbean - Antigua & Barbuda


    CUSTOMS - The art of bush plant healing is a relic from Africa and elsewhere. Gordon.
    Old people are acquainted with wild plants for certain diseases. AAII: 51.
    Masked costume individuals in Carnival originate from celebrations of the Yoruba, Asante of West Africa. W&H 1989: 72.

    Some Yoruba marriages were polygynous. "Outside children" are thus an African link. Gordon 1989: 25.

    Warri came from the Gold Coast. It is the name of a Niger Delta tribe. HAS NL #18:3.

    The shapes and methods used by Seaview Farm potters have African origins. Decorative punctuations in the pottery are of African design.

    The head was used to bear burdens, even cups or bottles. 3 or 4 year olds as well. AAII: 146.

    CULTURE - The Akan people have a spider hero, Anansi. Ntikuma (Tacooma) was his son.W&H: 75.

    Names. African given names are used again today for example: Nsenga, Omowale, Keita, Ogwambi, Kwame, Nkosi, Malika, Kunle, Ato, Nekoda, Nyambi, Nkuma, Makeba, N'Jeri, Iyo. Pers. Comm. Janice Augustin

    Old time African names still used today are Quashy, Polydore, Pompey etc.See Telephone Book 2003.

    LANGUAGE - The Antiguan Creole today, has several words which are of West African origin, based on the tribes who came to the island. Here are some of them:

    Bassa bassa: "fooling around". Antroba= 'trober (plant). ETHenry Pers. Comm. with a West African.

    Catta: A wad of cloth placed on the head to facilitate the carrying of heavy loads.
    From Twi kata to cover or protect Congo: nkata

    Cum cum saw: Just come, thinks he knows it all. On-a-me=An na me (It's not me!" ). ETHenry Pers. Comm. with a West African.

    Dukuna: A small pudding made of varying mixtures of grated sweet potatoes, coconut, cornmeal plantain-flour.
    From Akan: doko na sweeten mouth Twi: boiled maize Ga: Adangme dokona

    Fungee: Boiled cornmeal From Twi: fugyee Yoruba: funje

    Kunumunu: A man easily controlled by a woman. From Yoruba: kunun, lacking in self-confidence. kong-kong-sa, to take sided, biased. From Twi

    Nyam: To eat greedily.
    From a number of overlapping African languages.

    Wagie/waggi/wajy: Used clothing; hand-me-downs.
    From Igb: wa, to divide. Je, to wear.

    Yabba: A round, open, earthen ware vessel used mostly for cooking. Varies in size. From Twi: ayawa earthen vessel or dish

    Yampi/yampie: Mucus exuded in the corner of the eyes especially after sleeping
    From Twi: mpe

    Warri: A game played with marbles or nichars. From: Twi: ware Fante: nware

    Sources: Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage: Richard Allsopp
    Colours and Rhythms of Selected Caribbean Creole: Joy Lawrence
    Some Antiguan Proverbs are stemmed from West Africa. For example: “When man dead, grass grow at he door”.

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    Meda ase

    Meda ase me Nua for this contribution. This is very informative!


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      this is great. though i cringe at the thought that this is our "african influence" when we are afrikan to begin with.


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        while Antigua & Barbuda is majority African (90%) and the culture is dominated by African culture there are aspects of the culture that are not African. i suspect that's why the term "influence" is used.