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Solutions to build a black community

Solutions to build a Black Community!


African Spirituality

“African spirituality” emerging as a new pseudo denomination ultimately an extension of Eurocentric exoticifcation of Africa. We see the loose generalization...

Africa’s History did not start with Slavery

It takes more than a horrifying transatlantic voyage chained in the filthy hold of a slave ship to erase someone’s culture–Maya Angelou


Revolution of Consciousness

Spiritual Connection: Know Thyself!


Knights Of The Mali and Songhay Empires

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  • Knights Of The Mali and Songhay Empires

    Oh, you didn't know Africa had knights too? Well, behold:

    "Mohammed Ture set up a complex bureaucracy with separate departments for agriculture, the army, and the treasury, to each of which he appointed supervising officials. He replaced Islamic law over traditional Songhai laws. He also divided the Songhai Empire into five large provinces, each with its own governor, Islamic courts, and professional fighting force to ensure that farmers pay regular tribute to the king. Under Sunni Ali's command, a navy was organized. Sunni Ali made sure there was peace and security with a good navy and soliders on horseback. The king himself was the army's commander-in-chief and directed military operations. He divided the army into several corps to defend the provinces (200,000 person army stationed in the provinces). Beginning with the reign of Askia Mohammed, a distinction began to be made between the people and the army; a permanent army was from then on created. The major divisions of the army were : knights, cavalry, foot soldiers, auxilliary bodies of Tuaregs, elite infantry regiments, the royal guard, and an armed flotilla." Source:

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