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    What kind of GOD do you worship, what kind of RELIGION do you have? Are you a member of an AFRICAN RELIGION, are you praising the GODS that African people praised before they got to America? How dare you then say that you have escape the effects of slavery and that slavery have no effects on you when you pray to a GOD given to you by your master?

    The things that are the very structures of our bodies, minds and souls: the way we eat, the way we worship, the way we talk, the way we dress, etc., all those kinds of things were implanted into the empiness and the spaces that was left once the original AFRICAN CULTURE was ripped out of our BODY, MIND and SOUL. Consequently, SLAVERY was not just a use and exploitation of our labor but was a TRANSFORMATION of our very ESSENCE as a people. It's not us who speak through our mouths and act with our bodies but an implantation of another people's consciousness, a consciousness that's designed to serve their interest. Yet, we dare to call it us and to identify with it.

    Dr. Amos Wilson

    Freedom From Mental Slavery