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Black Unemployment Dips Again in December

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  • Black Unemployment Dips Again in December

    In President Barack Obama’s final full month in office, the Black unemployment rate decreased to 7.8%. This December rate is 0.3% lower than the November rate of 8.1%.

    The national rate also dropped. In December, national employment dropped to 4.7% whereas it had been 4.9% in November. Conversely, White unemployment increased from 4.2 to 4.3%.

    Unemployment, as an indicator of overall economic health, can lead one to the conclusion that the US has fared well under an Obama presidency. When Obama took office, national unemployment stood at 7.8%. It is nearly 3 percentage points lower after his term. Black unemployment stood at 12.7% when Obama took office and stubbornly remained in the double digits, even reaching a high of 16.8% in March 2010. Ironically, Black unemployment in Obama’s last month is what the national rate was when he was inaugurated.

    So as the nation has progressed, so have Blacks, but not at a parity with others in the US. Donald Trump has advocated economic policies similar to those that plunged the nation in its greatest recession eight years ago. African-Americans will likely have to depend on themselves as tangible institutional support from government policies will likely be hard to come by.

    By Free Radical
    During Obama’s presidency, Black unemployment dropped from 12.7% to 7.8%. But there’s still more work to do.