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Solutions to build a black community

Solutions to build a Black Community!


African Spirituality

“African spirituality” emerging as a new pseudo denomination ultimately an extension of Eurocentric exoticifcation of Africa. We see the loose generalization...

Africa’s History did not start with Slavery

It takes more than a horrifying transatlantic voyage chained in the filthy hold of a slave ship to erase someone’s culture–Maya Angelou


Revolution of Consciousness

Spiritual Connection: Know Thyself!



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    Okay, let's talk about spirit power; what it is and how to access it. For starters, I want to give a big shout out to my bed young High Priest (Aankhu Menu Saa Benu) for teaching me and giving me a deeper understanding of the Kemetic Tradition. Okay now let's chop it up!

    Unlike Western religion, one of the common concepts that run through indigenous African spiritual systems is the idea that we are “God” (Nature) expressing itself in human form. With that expression, comes full access to the same creative powers that brought the entire expanding universe into existence. Kemetic spirituality deals with the spiritual science of obtaining access to the universe and its creative power. All of the Neteru are expressions of the living forces and laws within nature. They all have beneficent expressions as well as aggressive expressions within their definitions. The Kemetic tradition is very rich with all of the Neteru being multidimensional. Auset is a Neterit that represents the (KA) or the spirit dynamic that exist within all forms of energy.
    Last week we talked about Maa Kheru; its meaning and how the process of creating must start with having a vision in order to form the reality you wish to create. This vision, followed by precise and consistent actions, is the formula for creation itself. The harmony of thought word and actions is the process by which things are formed. We concluded that everything in the universe and beyond belongs to us if we are able to see it through our consciousness (Our Third Eye). Therefore an oppressed people must expand their consciousness to see beyond their condition.

    Auset is the personification of what is considered the force of Womanhood. She is also the Neterit of Motherhood and divine Queenship. In her essence are many transformations according to the conditions and cycles within her nature. When there’s a problem she becomes Sekhmet; a terror to anything that threatens the well-being of what she s. Sekhmet also represents the menstrual period; when she is unable to conceive a child. Auset is a spirit force that manifest as a protector of the young which is the embodiment of HetHeru before becoming pregnant. HetHeru is a force associated with a state of happiness, bliss; when things are going well. After becoming pregnant, the woman's womb becomes HetHeru (the House of Life).
    Auset is considered the symbol of the throne of which each of our historical Nsutbiti (Kings) sat upon. The throne represents the lap of Auset; the seat of support; the Queen Mother force that’s always guiding righteous decisions. Her name literally means seat of the throne.

    She also represents the spirit realm as well as spiritual power itself. She is the archetype expression of the strong and loving black woman that is deeply committed to the wellbeing of her family. She is the central figure of the Kemetic tradition and without Auset the entire tradition crumbles. Within the human being, Auset represents your KA (your inner spirit). Your inner spirit carries the wisdom of nature (the ALL). It is that subtle voice that speaks to your soul who is the part of your mind that sometimes listens. Kemetic spirituality like most other African spiritual systems is the science of understanding forces that exist in nature and having the ability to evoke those forces for the purpose of optimal living. Auset represents the science of ritual which is the method by which one accesses the spirit realm. She represents the bridge that unites the living with their ancestors. It is through meditation, prayer, fresh water, dance and divine living that a conduit connection to our ancestors is created. Understanding the symbolism behind Auset and the quantum classification of her forces, empowers one to evoke those forces to manage life’s critical situations and to bring harmony and BALANCE to the wellbeing of your person, your family and your people.
    Auset is the mother force within nature. It is written in the ancient Kemetic text that her weeping was so powerful that it stopped RA (Life) on his journey. This represents the pain that black women feel in seeing the destruction of black manhood and the often offensive funk that is projected back on to her by some of our lost black men, as a result. This dynamic must change. Our unconscious brothers and sisters CONTINUE to call on spiritual forces that have no history of changing our current condition of powerlessness. After 500 years, if your spirituality does not serve to uplift your condition as a people, then you need to get rid of that system and get a new one. The black woman is the greatest woman on the planet but she cannot continue to carry the race much longer. There has to be a resurrection of black manhood based on a more rigid set of principles that will help produce an African people that are powerful and self-sufficient.
    Only those who have the conscious eye to see it can bring about such a change. Auset represents that eye. In the tradition she is referred to as the eye of RA. It states that when RA wept, “Man” was born from his tears. She represents that weeping eye that brings forth new life. In the tradition she gave birth to Heru which represents our conscious community today, charged with the responsibility of using our “God” power to reclaim the throne of liberation and restore Maat to ourselves and to our people. How then can this be accomplished using our cosmology as a blueprint? In the tradition, Auset cultivated her son to assume the throne but she also facilitated a powerful relationship between her son and his father. The ancestors are telling us that the key to the resurrection of the black man, begins with the bonding or re-bonding to his children. We as a people will need to evoke the Mother force of Auset in the way we approach our relationships with one another. The times are calling on us to “Go to the Hall of Maat”, go to your shrine, pray, meditate then discipline yourself as “God” to SAVE yourself. Auset is the essence of spiritual power in our journey to remember who we are!