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The Origin Of The Hyksos

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  • The Origin Of The Hyksos

    Most people associate Jewish with Hebrew. To correct this injustice and to destroy the "LIE" we must go to the origin of The Hebrew People. Hopefully when this is completed I will have done that.

    The Hyksos Invasion

    Around 1720-1710 BCE, Egypt began to be invaded by a people "of obscure race",
    who became known as the Hyk-Sos, "shepherd kings". These Hyksos melted easily into Egyptian society at first; eventually they became very powerful, and finally, in a coup, they came to rule the whole of Northern Egypt, imposing one of their people as the legitimate Pharaoh.

    They were able to accomplish this because they took advantage of a time when the dynasty of Pharaohs came to an end, because the Pharaoh had no son to succeed him.
    This was usually the sign of the end of a dynasty and the beginning of another,
    although there are exceptions; Hatshepsut was not considered the end of a dynasty,
    whereas Ahmose is considered the first king of the 18th dynasty
    because he reconquered Upper Egypt from the Hyksos, although his father was also Pharaoh.

    During the Hyksos rule of Upper Egypt, they established their capital in the city of Avaris in the Delta,
    and the legitimate line of Pharaohs had to move to Thebes (now Luxor) in the South, ruling only over Lower Egypt.

    For about a hundred years, there was relative peace and cooperation between the two Pharaohs,
    simply because the Hyksos were really very good rulers, knowing how to adopt and improve the Egyptian lifestyle.

    But naturally, there were undercurrents of enmity. The Hyksos Pharaohs were always desperate to prove their (non-existent, really) legitimity, and furious because the true secrets of king-making were never delivered to them. They adopted traditional Egyptiannames, and yet curious ones; Apophis (Apepi) for example is the other name of Seth, the evil brother who slew Osiris.

    As for the legitimate line of Pharaohs, it goes without saying that they dreamed of reconquering Upper Egypt, until the time of Seqenenre Tao I and II and their sons, who realized the dream.

    Further research shows that The Hyksos were an Asiatic people.

    To be continued.........................................

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    Thanks my brother !!!! Great read !!!! I look forward to more.

    This is indeed insightful and rules out other mis-conceptions. In deep research we must remember that racism based on SKIN COLOR was non-existant in our early years. ( Strickly an Eurocentric concept ) They went by culture , bloodline etc. ( Because They all had basically many shades of black/brown skin )

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    Now, I saw something that stood out like a red thumb. So I must share. We have to be careful how we "word and use " certain terms so others are not confused.

    The ORIGINS of Huskus: I am not sure I can use the term or say acurrately that they WERE actually Asiatic. ( Hebrew, part Canaanites, etc . Research: Kanose- He over threw the last Huskus King. )

    They were actually an mixed tribe of people. It's more accurate to say the origins were indeed middle Eastern.

    In short: AT THAT TIME, They did not call THEMSELVES Asiactic. WHAT WE call " Asiatic " NOW WAS NOT WHAT THEY called " Asiatic" then !!!

    This information will prove VITAL and essentical as others do farther historical research to understand what THEY called themselves and more importantly WHY.

    I hope , I've explained that in a manner that most would comprehend. I humbly thank you for such an insightful post and Hope I contributed useful information for farther and deeper research.

    Love ya , Peace

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      Ma'at Hetepu

      The Hyksos (Egyptian heqa khasewet, "foreign rulers"; Greek Ὑκσώς, Ὑξώς, Arabic: الملوك الرعاة, shepherd kings) were an Asiatic people who invaded the eastern Nile Delta, in the Twelfth dynasty of Egypt initiating the Second Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt. The people are shown below wearing the cloaks of many colors associated with the mercenary Mitanni bowmen and cavalry (ha ibrw) of Northern Canaan, Aram, Kadesh, Sidon and Tyre.