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The ones shouting AFRIKA are terrified of being African. They shout Africa and like a turtle run back into our shell surrounded by all things White and familiar. Euro names, Euro clothes, Euro mindset, Euro Dreams. being Africa is a hobby on social media. Kevin 9-5 but at the weekend radical Kwame, with a fist in the air and hatred on the lips. Beyond that they are radical on the pages of others and then on their private page is the narcissistic selfie trend, crying about how much they miss the star of “Fast and Furious”. Very opinionated but that is within the turtle shell. They have money and time for anything but the African struggle.

So how are they reading Malcolm’s amazing journey and coming back and attacking other African orgs? The answer is very simple. Because the only thing they know about Malcolm is when he stood in front of a window and said

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This is all they know about X

“By any means necessary” that is all they know. As for Garvey not one word on Economics they heard, they just know him as a few odd quotes and a poster on the wall. Kwame Ture is a only a cool dude spitting rhetoric, nothing deeper they heard. Ask them what he said about organizing — they do not know. And this is why right next to the post about Nkrumah on Pan-Africanism they will post a message of religious hatred to cause disunity among the very people their previous post of “Let us unite”. There are vulgar contractions because their minds are still just as enslaved as the people they call Kneegroes and sellouts.