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This site is for and about African peoples and Africans 400 years removed from home...which are those of us captured and dragged into the European world by force during the slave trade.

Our recognition of the damage done to us during this trauma is one where we recognize the importance of our being able to unify, to heal, to reclaim and restore our history and to ensure that our children and future is one that we shape instead of allowing our present and past oppressors to continue doing so.

We understand that we are under attack on every level of our existence and that there are even those of our own people working with our oppressors knowingly and unknowingly concerning our global condition. Since our goal is to reclaim, restore and reassert our reality as African people,

I want it known that European people are not welcome here...because the greatest aid any European people can give is to "educate their own people regarding the historical damages their people have done to all people of color on this earth."

I all the same thank you for wanting to come here as there have been past European scholars who were honest enough to reveal the legacy of our existence instead of hiding it as was required of them


The importance of our history reveals not only the greatness but more importantly, the mistakes that we have made with our allegiances with others not of our own.

Please respect our concerns.

Having said this, we welcome all of our people sincere of heart and mind who recognize that we as a people are not only the question but the answer also as it regards our reality on this planet.

By Keita Kenyatta