The Afrakan Family Emergency Financial Fund (A.F.E.F.F) is all about helping those in the Community of Afraka.com.

A.F.E.F.F is a non- profit organization that was created by some brothers who wanted to give assistance to those during their time of need.

Initially, A.F.E.F.F was created on Afraka.com to facilitate its growth.

When A.F.E.F.F was created one of its first support foundings were for microphones so other members could talk with each other and participate in chat.

A.F.E.F.F was started by Brothers, and the Sisters came aboard immediately with us.

A.F.E.F.F fund is not for Site Maintenance. There are other ways to support the costs that the Afraka.com site encounters, that route will be by donations.

There is a separate gateway available within Afraka.com for donations.

The name A.F.E.F.F itself was created by our own Brother Tariq.

This site Afraka.com was created by Tariq with extensive assistance from Nasheed.

The idea arose from a financial issue a member had.

There was a need for a small amount of short term assistance.


Afraka.com is a site for our people.

We pray to the Most High that it will be of some help to you as the community grows. We have to keep all things in perspective.

We are not asking you to support Afraka.com financially.

This fund was established to support members and others through A.F.E.F.F.

With the donations received, we pray to become economically sound to help those in need with things such as a portion of their utility bill, food, rent etc


We advise that you set up a Pay Pal account which is free, if you would like to contribute to A.F.E.F.F.


There will be notes taken and shared at meetings to discuss what has been or will be done with funds donated.


All funds given out will be based on a majority vote.

It will not be for one or two people to decide how A.F.E.F.F funds are administered to help. The funds are for those who participate, and other small assistance, and support as it is voted on.

A.F.E.F.F funds are "shared" donations with special allocation to members needs.

There exist core members, and members.

Core members are those who started the funding in 2009 and are here today to foster its growth.

Those core members are Brother Tariq, Brother Nasheed, Brother Saglifesaw, Brother Keita, Sister Linda, Brother Alonewolf, Sister Vida, Brother Ba'khyr and Sister Day'ah.

Other than Brother Alonewolf and Brother Ba'khyr the other core members are the Administration Team here on Afraka.com.

There are NO secrets as to what funds will be used for and how they were voted on before being administered.

Most importantly, we want all to understand the importance of having: Knowledge of self, Sharing Knowledge, Love and to trusting one another; which is something lacking in our community among our people. It will be fostered and built here.

There is a donation button on the home page of Afraka.Com. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to let us know.

We are only striving to do some positive, relationship building. We do care about each other and hope you become part of the caring and the companionship we strive for at the site.